5 Bike Storage Racks That Will Not Ruin Your STYLE

With limited space, deciding where to store a bike in an apartment or house without a garage or shed can be difficult. So we've compiled a list of the best bike storage ideas that won't cramp your style while also saving space. Take a look!

Space-Saver For Multiple Bikes

Hanging multiple bikes vertically is the best way to save space. Although the wheels will rub against the wall, choose a bold colour with a semi-gloss or satin finish to help hide scratches and scuffs.

Hide it sideways!

When there is no outdoor storage, the cubby under the stairwell can be used to store a fold-up bike and sports equipment.

Leverage A Wall System

A convenient wall system, such as a bike rack, is an excellent choice for keeping all of your sports equipment off the floor.

Use The 5th Wall Building up is sometimes the only option for storage.

This amusing pulley system is made up of a cable wire and hardware that is attached to the ceiling. You can lift the bike into the air by pulling on the cable wire.

A Perfect Bike Rack

The bike storage rack is suspended from circular wooden hooks that blend in with the background. A neon-lit bike installation that mimics the mountains and serves as a bench is also on display.