A group of celebrating friends make a pact with a demon to stay the night or someone loses their soul, only to find out the demons they are fighting might be the ones they carry inside.

Velma Meets the Original Velma

HBO now presents Velma meets the original Velma, 1969 Scooby Doo Velma. The series Velma presents an adult animated twist on the iconic franchise and primarily focuses on Velma Dinkley as she investigates a string of local teen girl murders and her own mother's disappearance

j-hope IN THE BOX

For 200 days, the daily life of artist j-hope is captured. From his production of solo album Jack in the Box and listening party, this documentary follows him all the way to his debut on the stage of Lollapalooza.

Jim Jefferies: High N’ Dry
Standup Comedy

Jim Jefferies returns for another comedy special titled Jim Jefferies: High N’ Dry. In this comedy special, not one topic is off-limits. Jefferies' wit and anecdotal humour are key to his success as a comedian. He muses about stoned koalas and his genuine confusion when choosing between his hair and other things.

Rosebud Lane

When a middle aged Hollywood filmmaker receives an unexpected card from his young son whom he has never met, he makes the difficult decision to go see him in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Both of their lives then take a life-altering turn as drama surrounding the boy’s mother unfolds in the small mountain town.