The London Séance Society

Sarah Penner takes readers on a thrilling ride in The London Séance Society, a team-up mystery following a spiritualist with ties to the occult and a woman investigating her sister's death. Known for her ability to speak with the dead to bring their killers to justice, Vaudeline D'Allaire's name is on the lips of everyone in Paris. On the other hand, Lenna Wickes believes in cold, hard facts, and that's what she's looking for regarding her dead sister. Despite their differences, Vaudeline and Lenna head to London together to solve a new case requiring the assistance of London's exclusive Séance Society. But while Vaudeline and Lenna are hunting down answers, it looks like someone else is hunting them.


Krystle Zara Appiah's Rootless is a tender navigation of one woman's journey through the troubles of marriage and belonging. Efe is missing. Or at least, that's what Sam believes, since 1,300 euros are missing from their shared bank account, and he cannot find his wife anywhere. When Efe first met Sam in secondary school, he seemed to be a part of the perfect plan her parents envisioned for her when they sent her to London from Ghana. And when they had their baby, their plan seemed to forge ahead, another role for Sam to play and a new struggle for Efe to keep up with. With the fractures of their marriage pushing them further away from each other, another revelation pushes Efe to leave behind the life she once dreamed of and figure out who she is and where she truly belongs.

What Have We Done

After over two decades, the childhood friends of Alex Finlay's high-strung thriller What Have We Done reunite once they realise a secret from their past might be the reason someone is hunting them. If anyone knew Jenna, Nico, Donnie, Benny, and Arty today, they would never guess that, once upon a time, they'd been the best of friends living at Saviour House, a group home for troubled teens. It's been 25 years since they've seen each other, and when word spreads that not one but two members of their once-close-knit clique have died suddenly, they realise that their shared history might be the reason someone is coming after them.