Zhalay Sarhadi - in Six Yards of Sheer Elegance

Although it's fun to incorporate trends into your wardrobe, nothing could compare to the complex beauty and art of an old-fashioned fabric like the saree. There are countless ways to add a touch of your individual flair to the ethnic attire, whether you add a chain belt, choose a mermaid wrap, or match it with elegant trousers.

Sarees are mostly thought of as traditional clothes; the six-yard trend is actually the best traditional look none the less but you can also style this classic ensemble in a variety of ways to spruce up the traditionally worn saree.

The saree is a novel silhouette, but it also makes a difficult fashion statement. Do experiment with the styling methods if you love saree and have a flair for it.

These different styling suggestions can enable you to make a statement when donning a saree.

With the items in your clothes and jewellery you already own, you can style them with ease. If you are gutsy and you want to make it fashion but add drama to it, draping your saree over a velvet blouse will infuse the right amount of contemporary touch to the look. Finish off this look by adding a belt with it.

Add statement jewellery pieces and neon heels to add an oomph with vibrant prints. The result? More drama, more style, you can see it yourself.