Three generations of Weyward women with paranormal abilities and fighting for their independence dazzle in Emilia Hart's debut novel, Weyward. In 1619, a man is trampled by his herd, and Altha Weyward awaits trial for the crime. Taught by her mother how to use magic to connect with the land, Altha knows her community will not stop coming after her until she's dead. In 1942, Violet Ayres lives trapped inside her family estate with her father, who worries for her well-being when Violet shows similar frightening behaviour as her now-deceased mother. In 2019, Kate Ayres is the descendent of the Weyward women who's searching for answers about who she is and the power she feels within her.

There Goes the Neighbourhood

There Goes the Neighbourhood is Jade Adia's engrossing debut about three friends attempting to save their friendship amid the gentrification of Los Angeles. Rhea, Malachi, and Zeke have spent their entire lives in LA, but recently they don't recognise the community they call home, as it's filled with luxury apartments and hipster coffee shops. When the ugly effects of gentrification threaten to force Zeke and his family out of their home, Rhea comes up with a plan: they'll invent a fake gang to scare off newcomers. However, when a resident turns up dead, all eyes are on their fake gang, and to escape real consequences, they'll have to find the truth.

The Golden Spoon

The Golden Spoon from Jessa Maxwell follows renowned chef Betsy Martin as the host of the elite baking competition "Bake Week." Despite her nurturing onscreen demeanor, Betsy is as sharp as a knife and expects the best of her food show and its contestants. With six new competitors ready to fight for bragging rights, the competition is off to an electrifying start, with sabotage and tricks aplenty. But the death of one contestant is no trick, and suddenly this game show is no game but a murder investigation where everyone in the kitchen is a suspect. Maxwell's mystery is a delicious blend of cutthroat competition and shocking reveals.