Aima Baig slams show organisers for ‘using her name’ to promote concert without paying her

Lacking professionalism

Singer Aima Baig has accused the organisers of Pak Fest, a music festival in Lahore, of using her name to promote their event but not paying her. That’s why, she says, she did not perform at the music event that took place in Lahore. Recently, Baig posted on Instagram, claiming that the organisers failed to pay her. “I’m writing this note to express my disappointment here regarding using my name for ticket selling after nonpayment of my services,” she wrote. This was the second year the event was being held. Despite the organisers’ failure to pay, they continued to promote their event with Baig’s picture on the tickets, she claimed. “I regret to participate in Pak Fest Lahore and instead of removing my name from the participation, the organisers were making money [using] my name. They were [misleading] people and fans who were buying my tickets to the concert. We have not received any communication or explanation from the Pak Fest Lahore’s end, which has cost undue stress and inconvenience to me,” she wrote. She felt upset for her fans who bought tickets to see her. “I’m very disappointed due to this non-professional behaviour and [defamation], as people who love and watch my concert[s] bought the ticket[s] and I didn’t join due to payment issue,” she said. The singer stressed that action must be taken by the organisers to make amends.