Navin Waqar is soon coming to our television screens with her upcoming drama Daagh

From the television

Humsafar famed actress Navin Waqar is all set to make her comeback on the small screen with her latest drama serial Daagh. The upcoming drama is set to air after Eid, and promises to be a thrilling watch for viewers. Navin Waqar shared a picture with her cast members on social media, expressing her excitement to be working with legends like Saleem Sheikh and Hassan Niazi. The actress explained that the story is centered around family, revenge, and karma. The drama promises to be a captivating watch for viewers who enjoy suspense and drama. “The story is about how people pay for the crimes committed by generations before them,” she told a publication. Waqar plays a character called Almaas. According to the actor, her character is “calculating, strong headed and a force to be reckoned with.” Almas is a multi-layered character “with a lot of shades and her character arc develops as the story progresses”. She hopes to surprise audiences with her role. “They will either love her or hate her,” she further added. Directed by Asim Ali, the cast also includes Saleem Sheikh, Hassan Niazi, Nawal, Asad Siddiqui, Goher Mumtaz and Tara Mehmood.