Ramsha Khan

What happened with #SamiKhan is not a one off. We see it consistently happening on our television shows. When will we get out of this culture of putting our own people down, change to uplifting each other’s achievements and strengths? When will we STOP allowing such hosts/presenters screen time on our mainstream channels? How is this okay?

Ramsha Khan is clearly not okay with what happened to actor Sami Khan on a television show where the actor was invited as a guest and was continuously facing insulting remarks. Kudos to the actor for maintaining his calm but this kind of treatment of our own actors on these shows should end now!


People want fairness, freedom, equality and opportunity for themselves and yet deny that to their female population.

Armeena Khan opened up a fair discussion on how people want freedom, equality and fair opportunities for themselves but deny the same to their female citizens who make almost half of the population. It is about time females should start getting equal opportunities regardless of their gender.

Mahira Khan

Qavi sahab… we are so fortunate to have been able to call you Ours. I am so fortunate, so honoured to have worked with you. One of a kind. Pure love. There will never be another Qavi Khan. Rest in greatness.

Veteran actor Qavi Khan, who was under treatment in Canada for a kidney-related disease, breathed his last a few days ago at the age of 80. The Pakistani media industry is mourning the loss of the legendary artist including Mahira Khan who stated that she was honoured to have worked with him. The fraternity came together to send their condolences as soon as this tragic news broke on the internet.