4th Women's Conference concluded on a high note

Celebrating the power of womanhood Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi organized the 4th edition of the women's conference focusing on diverse topics including gender equality, struggles and achievements of working women, the effective role of women in media, and their importance in the social-political scenario of the country. The two-day long conference was inaugurated by Provincial Minister for Women Development Syeda Shehla Raz. The dynamic lady while expressing her views said that women have to fight for their protection. Law is the weapon that they could use in times of trouble. She added that unfortunately, our women do not know how to use the weapon of law. She emphasized that women need to stand up for their rights and raise their voices to stop violence against themselves. Key Note speaker and well-known writer Noor ul Huda Shah said that we keep our women oblivious to the world, she does not know what the outside world is. I am happy that today the majority of working women are present in the Women’s Conference. She said feudal lord is not one who has a lot of land and property, it is a mindset and often religion is used to strengthen the feudal mind set and system. On the first day of the Women's Conference, sessions were held on "Natural Disasters, Climate Change, and Women", Youth Sessions, Lighting of Lamps If You See, "Celebrating Our Lives", and "Violence and Our Justice System and audience actively participated in all sessions. An interactive session with media mogul Sultana Siddiqui was also held where hundreds of participants get inspired with her story of making big in the entertainment business. The second day of the 4th Women's Conference kicked off with the session on "Women's Education" which was presided over by Zubaida Mustafa and the panelist included Naheed Shah Durrani, Dr. Jafar Ahmed, Dr. Tariq Rafi, Sadiqa Salahuddin, Zakia Sarwar, and Ijaz Farooqui. Emphasizing on child’s education Zubaida Mustafa said we need to modify our system and should use the latest teaching techniques for better learning of students. Dr. Jafar Ahmed said we should discourage tuition culture as it put an extra monetary burden on parents instead teachers should give quality education to the students in schools. Prof. Naheed Shah Durrani while comparing the state of education with other developing nations said that South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China had given attention to education that bring prosperity for the nation and we should also adopt their educational module. The second day of the conference was concluded with a dance performance by Sheema Kermani and a spectacular musical performance by ACMA The Band.