Ashley Tisdale decided to share her 10-year alopecia journey, here’s why!

Sometimes the Internet is truly a force for good. Like the time Ashley Tisdale reminded the world that we're all in this together. In January, she decided to share her decade-long battle with alopecia on her wellness site Frenshe because, as the actress explained in an exclusive interview with E! News, "I love to connect with people and make them feel less alone in their journey." The High School Musical alum – mom to 23-month-old daughter Jupiter with husband Christopher French – had created the health and beauty platform to detail "my journey through living a cleaner lifestyle and my mental health," she continued. "It's allowed me to be vulnerable and to share these things." The naked truth, as she'd revealed, is that she'd suffered from largely stress-induced hair loss for probably seven to 10 years. "And it's something that no one's known about. So I loved being able to be open about it." Having written about discovering bald patches and the anxiety it caused (plus the treatments she'd turned to), "the response was wild," Tisdale recalled.