• 18 Mar - 24 Mar, 2023
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A Canadian girl and boy born over four months premature and not expected to survive have celebrated their first birthday with a Guinness World Records nod as the world's most premature twins. Adiah and Adrial Nadarajah were born on March 4, 2022 at the gestational age of 22 weeks, or 126 days early - breaking by one day the previous record set in 2018 by American twins. Weighing just 330 grams (0.72 lbs.) and 420 grams (0.92 lbs.), respectively, they are also the lightest twins at birth ever, Guinness World Records (GWR) said on its website. Citing the babies' parents, the reference book for records of human achievements and natural world extremes said the twins were given "zero per cent chance of survival" by doctors when they arrived. "When I went into labour, the babies were denied all life-sustaining measures at the hospital I was admitted to and almost left to die," their mother, Shakina Rajendram, told GWR. Most hospitals do not attempt to save babies born before 24-26 weeks. But these two are alive and kicking. A photo of the twins sitting on a couch next to their GWR framed certificate shows Adiah looking surprised with her mouth wide open, while her brother Adrial appears pensive.