Samsung is coming up with a 43-inch Mini LED Neo G7

Samsung has announced that its Odyssey Neo G7 monitor, which it revealed earlier this year, will cost $999.99 and is now available. You’ll be getting a 43-inch 4K Mini LED display that can run at 144Hz along with Samsung’s Smart Hub software that lets you use streaming services like GeForce Now, Xbox Game Pass, and Netflix without having to connect to a computer or console. Samsung says the display has a matte coating that should help cut down on reflections and glare and that it has VESA Display HDR600 certification and FreeSync Premium Pro. The monitor also includes a healthy selection of I/O, including two HDMI 2.1 ports (one of which supports eArc), a DisplayPort 1.4 connector, and two USB 3 Type-A ports. It also supports Bluetooth 5.2 and Wi-Fi 5, though the lack of Wi-Fi 6 or 6E probably means you’ll want to plug in ethernet if you’re trying to stream games directly to the monitor. The Neo G7 has a flat panel, unlike the curved displays that Samsung uses on some of its more bombastic Odyssey monitors like the 55-inch Ark or the “8K” Neo G9.