Ushna Shah

I have a question for the Pakistani drama industry: How many lifetime achievement awards did Qavi sahab receive before he passed away? I have a question for the audience: How many did he deserve? RIP Sir, we are sorry.

Adnan Siddiqui

It's incredible to witness people from all walks of life coming together with a shared sense of purpose, fuelled by their passion and dedication. Such an outpouring of support for a leader is unprecedented in the history of our country.


I see too many inherent “Zahir Jaffers” around, abusing women and never getting accounted for it! This verdict is a ray of hope for all the women survivors who never speak up out of fear of never getting justice! Praying for a safer world for women with every breath! #NoorMukaddam

Asad Siddiqui

An international chain of coffee shop broke record of sales in a day where people were in a queue to have a cup of coffee. On the contemporary, 37% of population is food insecure. This is Pakistan!! Where the empathy in people is have gone? It’s sad!! May the Almighty give us hidayat.

Shehzad Roy

Pakistan is 75 years old, but some Pakistanis' ideas about women's rights are 1000 years old. We don't invent anything. Let's be aggressive about inventions and not #AuratMarch. Let them breathe freely and to those who say we should 'tolerate', don't just tolerate, and let’s coexist.