5 Amazing Cozy Nook Ideas To Curl Up With A Book

Anything in your house that has room for a lamp, a comfortable chair, and a side table can be turned into a reading nook. Read on…

Read Under Staircase

The oddly formed space under the stairs, the ideal hiding place for grownups, can be used to catch up on reading.

Go for a Daybed

You should definitely go all in if you have the room. Buy a chaise lounge or daybed and put it in a spot with lots of windows.

Stock Up on Textiles

Use this image as inspiration and adorn your reading area with a variety of textiles. The more soft, cushy pillows, thick knit rugs, and blankets, the better!

Section Off the Playroom

By creating a reading nook in their playroom, you may encourage the kids to take a break from video games and screen time and enjoy reading.

Play around plants

To get this look, surround a comfortable chair or daybed with a variety of plants of various sizes, and keep a stack of your favourite books close by.