Makeup Tips for Flawless, Glowing Skin

  • 15 Apr - 21 Apr, 2023
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Beauty

With dewy highlighters, your-skin-but-better foundations, and blushes that mimic a post-coital glow, we're definitely not lacking for makeup that seeks to give us the effect of not wearing any makeup at all. And when it comes to complexion makeup, the most natural effect is achieved when your skin still looks like skin. From prepping your face to a crash course in concealer, keep reading for these tricks to creating gorgeous-looking skin with the power of makeup.

Forget what you know about an "everyday makeup routine"

"Instead of following an everyday ritual or map of the placement of your makeup, really look at your skin and decide where you need help each day,” advises makeup artist Kristofer Buckle. “Our problem areas are always changing – some days we have more redness; other days we may be puffy or have a breakout.”

Consider skin care as your makeup primer

Say it with me: Prep, prep, prep. Every expert we spoke to said that the best way to ensure a gorgeous complexion before a drop of makeup hits your face is to create a healthy base for your foundation and concealer. And mattifying, oil-blocking primers may seem like a logical option to ensure a flawless finish. “I tend to not use face primers because they can affect the application of the foundation,” says makeup artist Fiona Stiles.

Get smart about shade-matching

Forty shades may be the new normal but finding your perfect foundation can still be a challenge. To determine your exact shade, Hughes recommends you swatch along the lower jawline of your face down to the neck to see which one disappears seamlessly into your skin. “Skin isn’t one colour,” makeup artist Molly R. Stern. “Having a slight variation in your options will allow for a more natural finish.”

How to glow the natural way?

Instagram will tell you that there’s no such thing as too much glow, but artists will likely say otherwise. “I try to be mindful of where I apply highlighter,” says Stiles. “I like a nice, moist highlight on the top of the bridge of the nose right where the eyebrows meet, a little bit on the cheeks, and then sometimes I’ll do a little on the jawline for a really fresh look.” For a glow boost, use a face mist to instantly get gleaming.

Get the most mileage out of your concealer

When it comes to splurge, consider a good concealer a worthwhile investment. Not only can it double as foundation if applied sparingly, but the right concealers can be used to cover up everything from acne to dark circles. “My favourite way [to conceal] is to use a BB or CC cream, and then just go in with a full-coverage concealer in certain areas,” says Hughes, who name-checks Laura Mercier Secret Concealer as her favourite.

A little contouring goes a long way

A dramatic contour might work if you’re playing Maleficent in an onstage adaptation of Snow White. However, IRL, less is almost certainly more. Follow Stiles’ trick and look for a liquid bronzer for subtly sculpted effect. “Look for something creamy so that it becomes part of the skin,” she recommends, citing Beauty Pie’s Quick Colour Contour Supergel as one of her go-to’s.

Set your makeup strategically

When it comes to ensuring a longwear result, nothing will do the job quite like a setting powder. “I set foundation lightly with a weightless, pigment-free powder, says Buckle. “It sets makeup without making your face too matte, and it doesn’t change the colour of foundation.”

Went a little heavy-handed? Spritz a bit of face mist to instantly bring some dew back into your complexion.