Tragic Thrillers

  • 15 Apr - 21 Apr, 2023
  • Salaar Laghari
  • Fiction

After asking several questions, I got to this conclusion that my ears and body were dying to hear the tunes of the piano. It was getting really painful. I couldn’t really handle it. What should I do now? The piano is not available. I can’t hear its tunes no matter what. But the need was getting severer and severer.

Somebody save me please. I cried.

My body was shaking, especially my hands. How could I stop it? I had never felt as hungry, as thirsty or as sleepy before as I was now feeling the crave for this piano.

I got up and sat up. I looked at my body and it was literally shaking like never before. I wanted that piano so much that I couldn’t help it. How could I get rid of this feeling? Can somebody help me please? I was crying deep down inside asking for someone’s help.

The whole night went like this but I eventually fell asleep.

For two or more days, my condition was the same. I was avoiding the colour and my body was in a bad need of an instrument that I had destroyed. I used to go and take a bath whenever my need was getting really hectic. Time wasn’t passing at all. One minute seemed like one hour.

v v v

When things were going totally beyond control, I finally did what I should have done a little earlier. I called Wajeeh. I told him about my feelings and asked him to come here to visit me. I wanted him to take me to the doctor.

As he came within an hour, I told him about killing my landlord, destroying the red piano and my days here at the hotel. I noticed that he was holding a white envelope. But anyways, he spoke up finally after listening to me:

“Look Sohail, now here’s what you’re going to do. You’re going to ease your conscience by removing your guilt. You’re going to make just one phone call and then everything will be fine. You will feel normal after a few hours.”

I got really curious as to what he was about to instruct.

“Pick up the phone,” he continued, “and call the police. Confess everything and surrender like a cooperating citizen. You will feel really comfortable, I’m telling you.”

I don’t know why I didn’t argue and silently agreed with him. He spoke further:

“If you want to bring justice to those dead people then just let law give you a little punishment. You might not like the idea now but you’ll thank me later.”

I gave it a long thought and then asked:

“What will be my punishment?”

“Most probably death but it might be an imprisonment for life or anything.”

“No, I want death. That’s the only thing that can save me from this torment.”

“Maybe, anyways so when are you making the phone call?”

I held up my cell phone and asked him to dial the police’ number. He did and then handed it over to me. I was quite afraid but I waited for them to answer my call. Some man answered my call and I just started confessing without giving my introduction:

“Hello sir, I am a murderer of three innocent people. I have murdered them with my own hands and have left no trace behind. I just want you to come here and arrest me for my crime.”

As I gave them the address of this place, I saw Wajeeh checking inside the envelope that he was holding. I ended my call by saying:

“Please come here as quick as you can because I am a dangerous person who can kill anybody any time now.”

I disconnected the call. Wajeeh was smiling as I looked up at him.

“Mr Sohail” he spoke trying to encourage me, “I am really proud of you.”

I didn’t reply as I had no words. However, I was quite afraid of what might happen.

After five minutes before Wajeeh left, he handed over the white envelope to me and said:

“Sohail, this is for you. But I want you to read it after I leave.”


He left the room immediately. After few minutes as it got my attention, I opened the envelope and took out a paper. I read the note written by Wajeeh:

Dear Friend Sohail,

You have always been very secretive but today you’ll know that I am better than you in keeping secrets. You never let me know that it was you who planted the crime on my brother that caused the heart attack to my father. And likewise, I never let you know that I knew it all time. But that’s not it, I am here to finally reveal that you have never murdered anyone deliberately. All people: your wife’s new husband, the doctor and your landlord. They all were murdered by me. I had been following you everywhere since the day you arrived here. I planted all those murders on you the moment you got those blackouts. In short you are completely innocent, but you will pay for my crimes the way my father paid for your actions.

Yours truly,


The paper fell off my hands as I was badly shocked. I realised that I had no memory of committing those murders and how Wajeeh was standing right behind me during the doctor’s murder.

I’ve been framed, I uttered.

The next thing, I heard knocking on my door. I looked up and heard:

“This is the police. Open the door!”

Oh my God. The police was here. I was getting arrested for a crime that I did not commit. What should I do now?

I think now I should surrender as there is no other option. I walked towards the door to open it and as I touched the doorknob, I realised that I had an option of escaping. I could escape through the balcony by climbing down the pipes, as I did before. Or should I just surrender.

Now you have to make your choice. This is the worst thing that I get to hear from myself. I have two options and one choice. Time is as usual short and the choice is big. During moments like this, instead of making a decision, I don’t select my option giving it a thought. I just do it.

So I left the doorknob and then thought of escaping. But how far can I go? What if the cops are standing downstairs as well?

Or should I give this escape a try.

Here I was stuck between climbing outside the balcony and opening the door for the cops.•