Bring luxe to living Room

Add luxe finishes to create high style without overhauling the entire room.

Mirrors on walls

A row of plain, substantial mirrors forms an appealing backdrop for the white sofas in this room's neutral living area. It imparts a pricey jewel-box vibe to the space without using excessive glitz.

Statement Luminance

A lighting source, whether it be a table lamp, ceiling light, or floor lamp, can also be a focal point. Consider using huge lampshades, a gorgeous gold lamp base, or a contemporary crystal chandelier to add drama.

Oversized Art

The larger the canvas or the frame, the more upscale the living room will feel when it comes to artwork.

Luxe Curtains

Hang window coverings as high as you can, either from the wall or the ceiling. Many luxurious living rooms have elevated placements because they provide volume and give the impression of having larger ceilings.

Glam Accessories

A favourite designer technique for adding a touch of elegance to a space is to use a few modest items made of luxurious materials. Choices include coasters, trays, and candlesticks; ideally, these little accents should have high-end finishes like gold, marble, crystal, or mirror.