Blood Debts

Terry J. Benton-Walker's highly anticipated magical debut Blood Debts features siblings with opposing views on magic coming together to save their family and reputation. Clement and Cristina Trudeau may be the heirs to the powerful dethroned monarch many years ago, but that doesn't mean they see eye-to-eye. While Clement embraces the power his magic grants him, Cristina abstains after an accident harms someone she loves. While caring for their mother, the twins discover that her sickness is the result of a curse cast by one of their trusted allies. To save her life, they'll have to trust one another and the power of their magic.

House of Cotton

House of Cotton is Monica Brashears's delightfully morbid debut novel about a down-on-her-luck woman from the South who takes a modelling job with an eerie twist. 19-year-old Magnolia Brown is struggling to make ends meet at her gas station job when a suave stranger named Cotton strolls in with an offer she can't refuse: he'll pay her well if she agrees to model for his local funeral parlor. As strange as the request is, Magnolia desperately needs cash, so she accepts the unorthodox job. Her regrets come later, as Cotton's job requirements stray further into ghastly territory.

Romantic Comedy

Romantic Comedy is Curtis Sittenfield's ode to the classic genre that also confronts its problematic beauty standards and gender roles at the same time. While at work for The Night Owls, a late-night live comedy show, sketch writer Sally Milz notices her coworker Danny has started dating a celebrity actress who recently guest-hosted the show. When pop star Noah Brewster appears on the show to guest host, he and Sally hit it off, but Sally questions if the desirability dynamics she notably made fun of ever work the other way around.