Saba Qamar

Any of these last 10 days of Ramadan could be Laylatul Qadr (particularly the odd nights as narrated). Remember me and my family in your prayers.


This is what fascists do. Attack the infants and postpartum mothers. Imagine the conservatives/labour from the U.K or some other mainstream party used my photo. They would be crucified, no matter what I’d said. If you are vying for future leadership, you CANNOT attack the public.

Adnan Siddiqui

His vile and obnoxious thoughts about one of the most heinous crimes are deeply disturbing. He has belittled the pain of survivors. No wonder women don’t feel safe in our country. All thanks to men like these politicians.

Shahid Afridi

I strongly condemn the attack on Palestinian worshippers inside the Al-Aqsa Mosque by Israeli forces. It is an egregious violation of human rights. Ramadan is a month of peace and blessings. Spreading hate and violence should be condemned loudly. #Palestine.

Dr. Shaista Lodhi

As a parent to teenagers myself, I can't imagine my children going through painful situations, or worse, being the reason for their pain. Let's not put so much pressure on our children that they crumble under it. Instead, let's become the source of their peace and happiness.