Celebs and Their Eid Traditions

  • 22 Apr - 28 Apr, 2023
  • Wajiha Jawaid
  • Focus

Eid is here and we take the opportunity to talk to our favorite stars and ask them about the traditions they have been following for years on this festive occasion. Read on…

Laiba Khan

On the first day of Eid, we all gather at my dada’s place and we celebrate the occasion in the company of my uncles and aunt. The best part is when we get the Eidi and all my cousins go out to eat ice cream. I wait for it every year.

Shameen Khan

The main day of Eid is dedicated to family. We don’t go out, rather prefer to celebrate it at home. It is a tradition in our family that on the second day, we have a grand dinner at my nani’s place and we love to dress up for the occasion. In childhood, I used to wearÊsharara and gharara but now I try to keep it elegant and simple.

Hafsa Butt

Eid day at my home begins with sheer khurma. All the boys of the family after Eid prayers come to our house to have sheer khurma made by my Ammi. The most amazing thing about the day is that we get Eidi – believe me, it’s a wonderful experience to get Eidi from elders and flaunt it in front of friends.

Junaid Akhtar

Eid for me is all about having a positive vibe. We are usually so stuck in our hectic schedule that we don’t get a chance to spend quality time with family so I take this an opportunity to create memories by being together on Eid.

Mohsin Abbas Haider

I prefer to take a break from work and go home to celebrate Eid with my family. I try to spend it with kids and enjoy the company of these innocent souls.

Sumeta Syed

Eid is all about family and traditions. My mom had a long 30-year-old legacy of having an open house on Eid. As she is no more we take the tradition forward. We cook and celebrate with family and friends & colleagues. Guests keep coming and the burners are lit from brunch to dinner. Then usually one of our cousins or friends picks up the mic and sings old songs while we all join in. It is something we all look forward to.

Tasneem Sadaf

There is a tradition in our house that we do breakfast together and we prepare a lavish meal for it. All the ladies get ready early morning. We give gifts to our guests especially choorian to the ladies.