Terracotta is here to stay!

Terracotta is having a moment in the world of interiors-largely because it complements so many colours, textures, and decor styles.

Glazed Clay Vase

The clay texture is timeless. Fill it with flowers, or use it as an object d'art — either way, it's bound to be one of your room's focal points.

Bar Stool

This sleek chair has a gold-tone base and a comfortable backrest in terracotta hues- which means you can eat and drink at your bar counter without stressing about crumbs and spills.

Wet Pot

Green goes well with terracotta so opt for this stunning piece that instantly elevate your space.

Essential Footed Bowl

This powder-coated steel bowl features an elegant design, a traditional coned foot, and a touch of classicism thanks to the earthy rust colour.

Pillow Set

Go for a pillow set in the nicest terracotta shade that is so plush, velvety, and luxurious and makes your sofa looks comfortable and chic.