Iqra Aziz

Ya Khuda Please Protect the Muslim Ummah around the World. #PleaseUnite

There couldn’t be a more apt prayer than this one at this time keeping in mind all that the Muslims are going through around the world! Iqra Aziz urges the Muslims to unite in these testing and very difficult times for the Muslims.

Gohar Rasheed FC

It is my humble request to the authorities to please shut down all the zoos in Pakistan. It’s not entertaining but it is sad to see the way they are keeping #NoorJehan the 17 year old African elephant in the Karachi zoo. If we can’t treat them well at least we can give them their freedom.

Gohar Raheed requests the authorities to shut down the zoos operating in Pakistan and rightfully so. The recent stories of the ill treatment of animals being kept in all these zoos are no more hidden and it is extremely saddening to see the heartbreaking condition of the animals. About time to shut down all these zoos!

Shaniera Akram

During such testing economic times these patients at the NICH need our help more than ever, they need us to survive. Dig deep and help us get through Ramadan a little easier, give to the children of the @NichPakistan.

Shaniera Akram never fails to amaze us with the amount of empathy that she has for the people of Pakistan. She is a passionate social worker and you’ll very frequently witness her not only raising her voice but actually taking part in many social causes in order to help the deprived citizens of this country.