I See You

I See You is the kind of thriller that presents multiple twists and turns, keeping viewers riveted and guessing throughout its entire runtime. Directed by Adam Randall, this slow-burning tale stars Jon Tenney as Detective Greg Harper. Tasked with investigating a missing person’s case, evidence of the crime starts piling up that points toward a series of abductions that took place nearly 15 years before.

True Lies

If your marriage loses fizz after the arrival of children, this series suggests an answer: simply join a spy agency – the jeopardy will reboot your relationship in no time. When Helen (Ginger Gonzaga) witnesses her husband Harry (Steve Howey) defuse a fight, she wonders about his past. Cue an oddly bland yarn in which the couple undertake missions while keeping their adventures a secret from their teenage kids.

Ghosts of Moria

As Europe’s most infamous migrant camp burned to the ground on the island of Lesbos in 2020, two Syrians evaded police to stay. Living in a post-apocalyptic graveyard, the friends Ayham and Khalil, now race local scrap metal collectors to find what they can, which they are forced to sell at a reduced price.

Game Night

With a talented cast turned loose on a loaded premise -- and a sharp script loaded with dark comedy and unexpected twists -- Game Night might be more fun than the real thing.

Morgan Wallen’s One Thing At A Time
Music Album

As expected, Morgan Wallen’s “i One Thing at a Time” sky-rocketed to No. 1 on the albums chart –scoring the biggest opening week numbers of 2023 for any album by units earned and the fifth-largest streaming week ever.