• 29 Apr - 05 May, 2023
  • Mag The Weekly

Being a mom today is HARD. Many of us live away from family, our schedules are packed full, and truthfully, life can just be overwhelming some days. It’s not that you don’t love your family – of course you do. I know you’re grateful for them every day. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy. That tired feeling sits heavy on your bones. And there are many moments when you feel so close to burnout. Especially this year, when we’ve been burning out at each end thanks to pandemic motherhood. So many of our support systems came to a crashing halt when everything shut down last year, and things haven’t really bounced back yet. There are ways to fight it. By being intentional with your efforts, you can find ways to not only survive, but THRIVE.

1. Make sleep a priority

When moms get busy, sleep is usually the first thing to go, either because we’re using the time to get stuff done or simply to have a few moments of peace to catch up on Netflix…alone…on the couch (aka in Heaven.) But research proves again and again just how vital sleep is to our well-being and overall mood. So go to bed early tonight, mama.

2. Eat well

(Says the mom who ate the crust off her kids’ school lunch for breakfast this morning ??.) It’s way easier said that done, but seriously, eating well is so important. Your body is a temple. Treat it as such! A well-fueled body will work better and keep you more energized through your busy, busy day.

3. Call your friends

You know that friend that makes you “ugly laugh?” Like, head back, tears streaming down your face, snorting because you’re laughing so hard? (PS: You’re actually not ugly when you laugh like that at all, you’re adorable.) Call her. Whether it’s a phone call, FaceTime or a night out, your girl-tribe will breathe so much life into you.

4. Say no

You wear so many hats and it is utterly exhausting. With every “Will you/could you?” you receive, ask yourself three questions - Do I need to do this? Do I want to do this? Does this give me energy? If you can’t answer yes to any of those questions, the answer to the request is no.

5. Ask for help

This job is simply too hard to do alone. You are already Super Woman, so go ahead and ask for help when you need it. Hire someone to help with cleaning, if you’re able to. Or find a friend to swap childcare hours with – she’ll appreciate the idea as much as you do.

6. Connect with nature

Nothing helps you feel grounded like…well…touching the ground! So, go outside and breathe in some fresh, clean air. Take your shoes off and get back to your roots. Whether it’s a hike in the woods, a trip to the beach, or a simple walk around the block – being outside can be incredibly therapeutic?.

7. Trust your intuition when you make decisions

Our days are full of decision making. From deciding if your kid can wear his Batman costume to school (again) and figuring out what’s for dinner, to deciding how you want your career to look now that you’re a mom – you are CONSTANTLY making calls (for yourself and for other people.) And it’s tiring! Decision fatigue is a very real thing. Try not to agonize over every single choice you have to make. It’s never going to be perfect. Let your intuition be your guiding light – it won’t steer you wrong.

8. Treat yourself

When was the last time you bought yourself something? (No, paper towels at Target doesn’t count.) While spending money isn’t always an option, consider treating yourself to something occasionally – even if it’s very small. A delicious piece of chocolate, a new book, a manicure…you SO deserve it.