Apple’s new savings account lets Card users grow their Daily Cash

Apple is launching a new high-yield Savings account for Apple Card users. In a post, Apple says Card users can build upon their Daily Cash rewards by putting it in the company’s new Goldman Sachs savings account that comes with a 4.15 annual percentage yield (APY). Apple previously offered no way for users to grow their Daily Cash, the cashback rewards users get when using their Apple Card. But now users can stash their funds into a savings account, which comes with no minimum deposits and no minimum balance requirements. Users can set up the account through the Apple Card in their Wallet app, and from there, Daily Cash will automatically get deposited into their savings account. However, Apple says users can change this destination at any time and can even put some of their own money into the savings account through a linked bank account or from their Apple Cash balance. Users can also take out money at any time by accessing the Savings account dashboard within Wallet.