Humayun Saeed

Wishing success to all the films that have released on Eid. Love and best wishes for the entire cast and crew of #MoneyBackGuarantee, #Daadal and #HueyTumAjnabi.

Ushna Shah

So while in Vienna, I wanted to live out this house-wife fantasy. I insisted I cook and clean while my husband is at work and my God! How the heck does my characters clean those mansions, prepare 7 course meals, look salon ready and are in a GOOD mood by the time hero comes home? LIES.

Farhan Saeed

What a cracker! The kind of matches when cricket wins! Bravo Iftikhar, what an innings, well played NZ, congratulations #Pakistan! Pakistan Cricket always providing some kind of happiness in the toughest of times! #NZvsPAK

Saba Qamar

My thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims of the Swat bomb blast.

Nadia Jamil

I beg Sri Lanka, DO NOT GIVE PAKISTAN ANY ELEPHANTS. NOT until Pakistan develops a policy to protect animals in its zoos and learns to take care of animals as they should be taken care of. Please. No more tragic deaths. Please spare more animals from suffering like Noorjehan.