Hamza Ali Abbasi

If #NoorJehan’s suffering was not enough, these are the lions of Karachi Zoo. Please raise your voice to close all the Zoos in Pakistan and transfer these animals to their natural habitat. The suffering of these animals is unnecessary and can be easily ended. #CloseAllZoosInPak.

Hamza Ali Abbasi urges everyone to raise their voice for the helpless animals that are being kept in the zoos in very poor and unfortunate conditions. The actor wants the closure of all the zoos and also for the animals to be transferred in their natural habitat to avoid their suffering altogether.


We pay taxes for services received like free transport, hospitals, effective policing, infrastructure etc. What exactly are the Pakistani Government charging taxes for? What services do they provide exactly? Got me thinking this morning. It would be good if services provided worked?

Armeena Khan as a British citizen details the facilities that are provided by the UK government for their citizens in return of the taxes that they pay. Also, the actor raises a very appropriate question asking for what services are we, the citizens of Pakistan are being heavily charged by the government.


A kidney transplant patient in waiting is fighting for his life in CMH Rawalpindi. A big amount is needed for his transplant. We are half way through with his collection of funds. Please help as much as you can!

Mawra Hussain asks everyone to show kindness and help as much as possible in collecting funds for a patient that awaits a kidney transplant.