Western Tales

  • 13 May - 19 May, 2023
  • Salaar Laghari
  • Fiction

'And soon a mother….!' he says while turning around and walking towards her.

'Yeah, I know that it sounds hopeless for us, but this shouldn't be a problem.'

'No... That’s not a problem for sure. But the problem is that you are unfaithful. If you were my wife, would you cheat on me like that?'

'What the...' she cries, 'you are calling me unfaithful! How can you?'

She pushes him by hitting on his chest.

'I hate you for this Kennedy!'

'It's not just about unfaithfulness….'

'You…. Just shut up!' she exclaims, 'I didn't waited for five years to see you getting totally changed like this.'

'Listen to me Allie,' he says looking aside, 'I better tell you that I said this just because I wanted to remove love and romance from my life. I never meant to hurt you.'

'Really?’ she says getting calm, ‘I knew you were only pretending to be... but why do you want to remove this love from your life?'

'For the obvious reason... we both simply can't be together, you are married to someone else.'

'Then please you tell me, why did you come to see me all the way from San Jose.'

'I don't know, maybe I just wanted to see a last glimpse of us together or something like that…'

'Why last?' she asks, 'Is anyone dying among us?'

'Well, in that case, you have only one option... And that is, that you are going to arrange a set-up of divorce.'

'Divorce? Are you out of your senses? Claude's not such a guy…'

'I'm sure and I always knew that there is no more love between you two. And that he must be unfaithful to you!'

'Yes, that is the truth' Allison says closing her eyes, 'but if he's unfaithful to me, so why can't I be?'

'Because I want you whole... I don't like it as you love me but on the other hand you are someone else's wife. This just doesn't works for me'.

'You know something Kenny? You've changed a lot. You are getting on the negative side of your heart. I always knew you as devoted to others but now you sound so mean and...'

'Okay, just shut up!' he says getting quiet irritated, 'I'm living at my parents place, the one you knew. When you can make up your decision, just come and tell me, or even just make a phone call'.

After finishing, he turns around and begins walking away fast.

Feeling a little uncomfortable, he turns and walks back to her and hugs her as tightly as he can. After the hug, he looks into her eyes,

'And keep this in mind that I still love you very much'.

And then he picks up his bag and souvenirs and walks away.

She realises that he had just grown a little stubborn, but he still loved her as much as he always did.


That night, at around two o clock while Kennedy was sleeping at his home, he was feeling a little uncomfortable and changing his sides continuously. He wakes up and sits on his bed, and after a while goes towards his garden.

He was feeling very restless, as he wanted to see Allison once more. To reduce his stress, he starts jogging around his garden. He keeps on jogging for an hour and thinks only about Allison and his future with her. He talks to himself while jogging,

‘I have made many people cry since many years, but Allison would not be among them. I will force her, annoy her or anything that I can do, but I would not make her cry, ever!’

He stops for a while and looks around at his garden and thinks about the moment while he was hugging Allison.

Meanwhile at Allison's home, she is for the first time in five years sleeping comfortably, as her soul mate has returned. And she is sure that they both will finally be together one day.

As Claude was not at home, she decides to talk about divorce with him soon or later. But she also realises that while she was pregnant, he might never give her the divorce.

Next morning, Kennedy is sitting on the chair of his garden. He gets up and changes his clothes. Few minutes later, after changing clothes, he leaves home immediately without even having a breakfast.

While he is running towards the road to catch a taxi, his cell phone begins to ring in that moment. He answers the call:


‘Sir, sorry to wake you up, but today you have to reach earlier at the clinic as we are celebrating a sort of an opening ceremony here.’

‘I’m sorry to say this but just cancel it as I’m not coming today…’

He ends up his call saying this and turns off his cell phone.

Kennedy Blackmails

Several minutes later, in Allison’s room, she was getting dressed up, she hears Claude calling her. She turns around and leaves the room, where she sees Claude standing on the stair case looking at her,

'Look Allison, we have a guest at home, I want you to greet him.'

As she gets nearer to the stair case, she sees Kennedy sitting at the dining table having breakfast. She gets shocked and a little scared thinking as to what was about to happen now. She steps downward and goes near to the chair, where he was sitting. He stops eating and keeps on looking at her for a while.

Claude leaves them alone for a while by going to his room. Whereas Allison asks Kennedy:

'Why are you here? Couldn't you wait till evening?'

'No, I couldn't... I was awake the whole night and could not sleep. I can't even spare a moment without you.'

'Please leave, right now, I'll see you tonight at your home!'

'Anyways, tell me what have you finally decided? Getting a divorce or you want me to try the other way'.

'Other way? What are you talking about?'

'If you won't take a decision, then I'll kill Claude myself…'

'Please talk something that makes sense,' she says annoyingly.

'I swear to God I will kill him myself, if you both don't get divorced within two days'.

'What do you think it's that easy? Like if I'll just ask for it and he'll just give...'

She stops talking as she hears her husband coming towards them.

'So, Mr. Kennedy what's going on?'

'Nothing special, I have my personal clinic and that's my way of getting an income.'

'Oh great, anyways don't mind please but I have to leave for work right now. But Allie is still at home, you may have company with her.'

While saying this he puts on his black coat and leaves the home.

Kennedy gets angrier and closes his eyes holding his fore head.

'Now what's wrong?' she asks looking at him.

'I think I have to kill him, how dare he called you Allie. Only I am allowed to…’

'Shut up please, just shut up,' she says calmly but getting way too fed up with him.

'I'm giving you finally two days, if you both don't get...'

'Don't blackmail me, I'm warning you!'

He stands up and walks away from the dining table.

Kennedy Justifies his Love

She walks after him and stops him from leaving her house, by holding her arm. He sternly says:

'Leave my arm….'

'Your eyes are telling that you can't forget me, because you couldn't sleep last night…'

'You know too much about me, don't you Allie?'

'Yes and you have no respect for my feelings.'

'Definitely, because few years back you didn't care about mine's. And today because of you we both are living in a cell of frustrations and disturbances. You were selfish then and even now…'

Hearing these ill talks, tears come in her eyes and she slowly begins to weep.

'I never thought you would say like this one day. You're not the Kenny anymore that I really knew…'

Seeing her cry Kennedy suddenly realises that he was being too bossy and he was saying things that he didn’t meant. Kennedy's mind changes in an instance when he realises that for the first time he had made her cry.

He gets closer to her and tries to console her by hugging. But she refuses by moving away.

'Allie Allie, please listen to me…'

She remains silent.

'Allie, since the day I left you at the airport, I've lost my temper. I talk roughly with literally every one. It's not only you, everyone has this complain with me!'

'I don't care, I only know that you have changed from selfless to selfish…'

'I was a selfless devotee only when you were in my life, but five years without you have given me a torment of hell!'

She looks at him as he says this.

'Allie, you know something? Whenever I see any girl from behind, I feel as if she's you, because I'm addicted to you. I see your name at different places. I’m just getting helpless without you. Just be mine once, I'll devote my entire life to you, I promise….'

'I just want you to stop blackmailing me with so much pressure.'

‘Is that all you want from me? Okay then, I promise I won’t do it again. Honestly take your time, I won’t force you to get divorced.’

‘Kenny, I think you’re hiding something, how come you just changed your mind and your stubborn attitude?’

‘Well, you know,’ he sighs, ‘because I can see anything but tears in your eyes… After so many years I saw you crying and that too because of me. I can never forgive myself for this.’

She gets silent and walks away towards the Kitchen. She feels like Kennedy was being stressfully in love with her, and she had to do something to be back in his life permanently.

Kennedy Overhears

An hour later, while Kennedy is leaving Allison’s home and walking towards the roadside, he hears a voice of a woman fighting with a familiar voice of a man. He walks towards them, behind their house and sees Claude is engaged in an argument with a blonde haired lady.

Claude holds her arm in anger and says:

‘Why are you making it such a big issue, you’re over reacting like old people.’

‘Shut up!’ she says angrily, ‘I’m not making it, it already is. Your wife Allison is pregnant with your child and you are not worried about it.’

‘Look Molly, this had to happen one day.’

‘You are promising me since five years that you would never let this happen, and now you’re pretending as if you’re totally innocent.’

‘Okay, please just shut up for a moment,’ he says getting annoyed, ‘what do you want? Do you have any alternative or a suggestion for me?’

‘Yes ask her to abort this child or else I’m telling her right now about all your history with me!’

‘Go ahead then, tell her that I don’t care about what she’ll say…’

Kennedy gets shocked hearing their conversation. But he gets rather happier because this incident might lead to Allison’s divorce.

Claude stops Molly from creating trouble and says:

‘Calm down, I know what I have to do… first I’ll ask her to do abortion, if she doesn’t agree then…’

Kennedy gets alarmed hearing what he said and rolls up his sleeves as to as if he’s preparing for a fight.

to be continued...