Shyraa Roy is an American based Pakistani singer and actress. She started her career as an actress and then stepped into music with her debut single Raat. Roy has managed to gain a huge fan following through some of her projects. She is well known for her lead role in 2018 horror film Aks, and now she is gearing up to be the next big thing in the music industry, as well as wants to make her mark in acting. The actress now awaits the release of her upcoming film Sanak. MAG gets in touch with Roy for a quick and fun rapid fire. Excerpts:

Which celeb would you want as your BFF and why?

There’s this new girl in the drama industry her name is Rabia Kulsoom or may be Saba Qamar.

What do you do when no one else is around?

I make funny faces in the mirror and I dance.

What's the best present you ever received?

I love flowers and they were the best gift that I’ve ever received.

What's the last thing you watched on Netflix?

I recently watch Mismatched Season 2 and will now be watching my upcoming film Sanak.

What do you consider as your ultimate comfort food?

My ultimate comfort food is pizza for sure.

The best part of the day for you is?

That would be midnight.

If stuck on an island, you would?

I would make myself a cute place and live there peacefully.

Life for you is...

It is full of surprises.

Best vacation memory of yours?

It was of Sri Lanka with my brother.

If you have to interview a celebrity, who would it be?

It will be Madhuri Dixit, I’m crazy for her.

Your first celebrity crush was?

My first celebrity crush was Ranbir Kapoor. But nowadays its Wahaj Ali.

Your guilty pleasure?

If someone does wrong to me, I have this urge to do the same to them.

Social media is…

Social media to me is fake.