Western Tales

  • 20 May - 26 May, 2023
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Fiction

Kennedy seems Suspicious

That evening at Allison’s home, she was cooking the dinner in the kitchen. She suddenly hears her doorbell ringing. She leaves the kitchen and goes to open the door for her husband. As she opens the door, she sees Kennedy in an awful condition. Kennedy’s body is badly sweating all over and his eyes have sort of tears in them. She gets shocked to see his condition and asks:

‘Kenny are you okay?’

‘I wish that I was. Anyways, can I come in?’

‘Sure, why not?’ She says while leaving the door open for him.

He enters inside the home walking very painfully and goes to her living room. She shuts the door and follows him.

Kennedy sits on a sofa and asks her to come along and sit with him. She sits right next to him on his left side and looks at him,

‘Kenny you look so tensed, what’s going on?’

‘You will know,’ he hardly is able to say something ‘but first I need to talk to you… Allie, my love, tell me something, if today would have been my last day with you what stuff would you share with me or what would you talk to me about?’

‘Why are you asking such a question?’

‘Please let me know?’ he says closing his eyes.

‘Oh… last day with you, then what’s happening in here, are you dying or are we just departing?’

‘It’s nothing like that, just imagine that you’re seeing me for the very last time.’

‘Well, in that case,’ she says thinking for a while, ‘I would like to tell you that no one in my life has looked after me as much as you had… you never told me in our relationship period that you love me so much and instead you just sacrificed your own feelings for me. That day, when you told me that you’ve been in love, I also slowly realised that I loved you more than I ever loved Claude. And your absence made my feelings stronger… you know because absence makes the heart grow fonder.’

Kennedy smiles hearing this stuff and says:

‘Allie, tell me something, if I commit a mistake that can never be reversed, but it was in purpose of your favour then would you ever forgive me?’

‘How come in my favour? But I would definitely forgive you no matter what loss you do me!’

‘Allie, please never stop loving me, because I won’t stay with you for long… if something happens to me then you have to be strong thinking about how much we are in love and we can’t live without each other.’

‘Kenny what is it with you? You seem very suspicious today, you are talking things which don’t seem to have any concern.’

He looks on the other side and smiles wiping off his tears. He takes out the art gallery photograph from his pocket and looks at it. Seeing it,

Allison says:

‘You always keep this souvenir. I guess this one’s your favourite. I’ll show you mine…’

She leaves the room and goes towards her bedroom.

Kennedy stands up and leaves the room. He sees her coming from her room towards him. She shows him the heart shaped necklace and says:

‘This one’s my favourite, this was the most lovable gift you ever gave me…’

Kennedy gets Arrested

The doorbell begins to ring continuously, they get disturbed and Allison goes to receive the visitor. As she opens the door, two cops enter inside in the house and sort of seize him by making him kneel on the ground.

She gets shocked and tries to stop them. They put handcuffs on his forearms. Inspector Lon enters their home with Molly and they both look at Allison.

‘Inspector, what’s going on? Why has he been arrested?’

‘Do you know what happened this afternoon?’ Molly asks, ‘Your lover Kennedy killed your unfaithful husband Claude.’

‘What the hell are you saying?’ she replies angrily.

‘You may ask him, today when Claude and I were having an argument, Kennedy interrupted us and killed your husband by stabbing him with a dagger!’

Allison badly gets shocked and realises that he did what he had blackmailed her about earlier. She looks at Kennedy, and sees him nodding his head sadly. This gives her a confidence of him being a criminal. So without thinking of anything she just says to inspector:

‘I don’t have any statement, just arrest him away…’

Within a few minutes, they arrested him away by taking him to the police station along with Molly in their vehicle. Kennedy is having that heart shaped necklace in his pocket at that time.

Moments later, Allison is walking alone at her home getting all confused, still not believing what just happened earlier. She was thinking about why would Kennedy have murdered her husband. She still has faith in him that there must be a strong reason behind this. She remembers his words,

‘Allie, tell me something, if I commit a mistake that can never be reversed, but it was in purpose of your favour then would you ever forgive me?’

These words make her realise that the purpose in her favour must be something that favoured Claude’s death to her.

Kennedy Reveals the Truth

Next morning, outside the police station some cops are roaming around, whereas Inspector Lon is having a phone call conversation regarding Claude’s murder case. After finishing the phone call, he orders his cops to bring Kennedy outside from the lock up.

However, Allison arrives there in her car and jumps out to talk to the Inspector. Inspector turns around and sees her coming towards him, he gently says to her:

‘Ma’am, I’m really sorry for what you lost, don’t worry the criminal will be punished by today!’

‘No inspector, please… trust me the criminal is not responsible for what happened yesterday. Just let me talk to him once and then maybe you will have to change your decision by then…’

‘You’re really saying this? I don’t get it, are you in favour of him, the criminal?’

The cops bring Kennedy outside and take him in front of the Inspector and Allison. Allison then asks the Inspector:

‘Sir, can I talk to him alone for a while? Please…’

Inspector and the other cops leave them, after putting handcuffs on Kennedy. While he is standing in front of Allison, he utters:

‘Allie, I didn’t do this intentionally, I didn’t want you to become a widow in this state of pregnancy. I’ll just disclose something here…

Claude stopped Molly from creating trouble there and said:

‘Calm down, I know what I have to do… first, I’ll ask her to do the abortion, if she doesn’t agree then I will just kill her child with this dagger…’

He took out a dagger from his pocket and showed it to her.

I got alarmed hearing what he said and rolled up my sleeves preparing to fight. I went in front of them and grabbed Claude’s collar. He tried to resist, and Molly pulled me from behind. Claude held my hands tightly and said:

‘So, you heard what I’m about to do with Allie?’

‘I’ll never let you do this, and don’t you dare call her Allie…’

He hit me hardly with his hand that I fell on the ground. He took out his dagger to kill me but I kicked him that his dagger fell on ground. Then he wildly compressed my throat and said:

‘After killing you, I might also kill your Allie as well!’

I got even angrier and then hardly held the dagger in my hand, which was lying next to me’.

He stops narrating the incident.

‘So, then you stabbed him?’ she asked.

‘Yes… today Allie, I’m seeing you for the last time, and therefore, I have sworn that I would not speak any lie to you…’

‘I know that you are not lying, but tell me was Claude really trying to kill my child?’

‘That’s what I heard… anyways Allie, promise me that you will always love me and you will be strong no matter what happens…’

‘I will, I promise,’ she cries.

The cops come and take him away. They make him sit inside their vehicle, and leave the place for central jail. Allison keeps on standing for a while and cries as she sees her love for the last time.

This time, she realises that she had lost him for the second time but forever.

A Month Later

One month passed, since the day when Allison saw Kennedy for the last time. Allison is getting ill, as she is about to give birth to her child. She has no idea about what has happened with Kennedy, she is resting at her house since a month without any doctor or any help what so ever.

Until one day, her doorbell rings. She goes to see and gets quiet surprised that who would it be when she has no more relatives left in San Diego. As she opens the door, she sees Inspector Lon standing outside her hosue,

‘Good morning, ma’am!’

‘Sir, I’ve been expecting you since a few days, please tell me where is Kennedy? What are you people doing with him?’

‘Ma’am, it’s my painful duty to inform you that…’

‘That what?’ she asks eagerly.

‘That afternoon, when you saw him for the last time, we were taking him to the jail. We parked our vehicle at a ship harbor, where he tried to escape us…’

‘So? Then what?’

‘Then, while he was trying to escape us, he tricked us by jumping into the water…’

‘Wait a minute,’ she asks getting confused, ‘you are saying that he escaped from your car, how come that happened so easily?’

‘The cops allowed him to jump out of the car, because he had handcuffs on. We were sure that this was an impossible task for him to escape our force in that condition. But maybe he was trying to commit a suicide or something, which is why he jumped directly into the water and may be drowned…’

‘Oh no!’ she cried, ‘Now where is he?’

‘He was rescued by our team and then admitted to the hospital. But I’m very sorry to tell you that his condition got worsened and he couldn’t survive the…’

‘Shut up!’ she cried angrily, ‘I don’t believe in this stuff, prove it to me first as I really can’t believe in it.’

‘Okay, come along with us to a cemetery…’

She leaves her house door open in a hurry and walks towards their vehicle.

A few minutes later, Allison and the Inspector enter a cemetery, where he leads her to a grave. She reads the words:

‘Kennedy Ipkiss… died at the age of 28!’

She keeps on standing there for a while, but totally in an unconscious state. She talks vaguely:

‘He’s gone? I don’t… I just can’t believe in this truth.’

Then feeling a sort of pain and getting very ill suddenly, she fells on the ground and faints.


Allison is admitted to the hospital, where her parents arrive from Los Angeles and take care of her day and night. Allison has not gained proper consciousness since a week after Kennedy’s death report. Her parents Mr. and Mrs. Gosling are very much worried about her condition.

One night at the hospital, Allison finally wakes up regaining her consciousness and gets sort of stunned. Her mother looks at her and says:

‘Allison, don’t worry my darling, everything’s alright, we’re with you…’

‘No Mom… I’ve lost someone very special….’

‘I know all about what happened with you.’

‘But I really don’t believe in it, I mean Kenny can’t die that way… he can’t leave me like this…’

‘Allison, don’t take stress right now, the doctors said that you need a lot of rest in this condition right now.’

Allison slowly began to weep and then cried out loudly that she could hardly breath then. She was only thinking about Kennedy and was again realising the fact that she had lost him for the second time but this time, it is forever.

Mr. Gosling arrives there in the hospital room and gets quiet disturbed seeing her daughter in such a difficult condition.

to be continued...