We finally have an idea of what Instagram’s rumoured text-based Twitter competitor might look and feel like, as reported by Lia Haberman, who shared in her ICYMI Substack newsletter what appears to be a leaked marketing slide and details about the app. The slide doesn’t give the app a separate name – instead, it just calls it “Instagram’s new text-based app for conversations” – but the app is apparently codenamed P92 or, alternately, Barcelona, according to Haberman. Users will be able to sign in with their Instagram username and password, and your followers, handle, bio, and verification will transfer over from the main app. In the app, you’ll see a feed, and you can make text posts up to 500 characters long with attached links, photos, and videos. The app looks pretty much like if you mixed Instagram and Twitter together, based on two screenshots included in the leaked marketing slide. And Meta will apparently have some good moderation controls from the start, “equipping you with settings to control who can reply to you and mention your account,” the slide says. Any accounts you’ve blocked on Instagram will apparently carry over.


Twitter now let’s Twitter Blue subscribers upload videos that are two hours long. Videos will be at 1080p resolution and must have an 8GB file size or smaller. The longer two-hour video uploads are also only available if you’re uploading from the web or iOS, according to a support document. If you’re on Android, you’re currently limited to posting videos that are 10 minutes long at most. Despite those limits, a lot of people recently watched the entirety of The Super Mario Bros. Non-Blue subscribers will still only be able to post videos that top out at 140 seconds. The new video lengths are just one of many new features the platform is starting to stuff into a Twitter Blue subscription, including a blue verified checkmark (which is becoming something of a meme-worthy status symbol), encrypted messages with some serious flaws, an absurd 10,000-character limit (up from the previously too-long 4,000-character limit), support for text formatting, and the ability to edit tweets. Twitter is also still working on a way to share advertising revenue with Blue subscribers even though Musk said in February that the feature was available.