The Machine

Bert Kreischer turns a famous routine into a full-length movie with some surprising visual style but a lack of laughter. It’s a story about how the former Florida State University frat boy and prolific partier took a college trip to Russia, where he bumbled into confidence with the Russian mob and wound up helping some gangsters rob a train


Missing is a 2023 American screenlife thriller film written and directed by Will Merrick and Nick Johnson. When June's mother and her new boyfriend don't return from a trip to Colombia, the tech-savvy teenager undertakes her own online investigation.

My Fairy Troublemaker

It is a story of a misbehaving sprite who gets access to the human world, and a fellow rebel, looks good but the story is a little flat. This German-Luxembourgian animation is a passable if unambitious hour and a half for under-10s, heavily in the orbit of Pixar both in terms of visuals and in its central conceit of the business of tooth-fairying as a Deliveroo-esque big-tech courier outfit.

The Old Oak

A northern pub landlord confronts locals’ hostility towards Syrian immigrants in Loach’s latest – and possibly last – piece of politically trenchant cinema.

Water From Your Eyes
Music Album

Across seven years and several albums this band has been evolving its scattershot sonic collage, and here it feels like they’ve finally found their sound.