King: The Life of Martin Luther King

The author of a monumental biography of Muhammad Ali uses new material to flesh out the story of the civil rights giant. Jonathan Eig, author of a monumental biography of the boxer and activist Muhammad Ali, promises to give us a new King, fully rounded and appropriate for our own moment. His book aspires to “help us make our way through these troubled times” and arrives bearing copious endorsements from past biographers.


A science fiction story from the 50s propels this brilliantly digressive exploration into art, ecology and the psychology of conspiracy theories. The main line of Conquest, though, happens in the present, where a group of online conspiracy theorists take The Tower to be an accurate prophecy of an actual forthcoming war among the stars

On Women

A pithy and brilliant introduction to Susan Sontag’s writing on women, gathering early essays on aging, equality, beauty, sexuality, and fascism. On Women presents seven essays and exchanges, spanning a range of subjects: the challenges and humiliations women face as they age; the relationship between women’s liberation and class struggle; beauty, which Sontag calls “that over-rich brew of so many familiar opposites”; feminism; fascism; and film.