Mahira Khan

Best thing I’ve watched and heard in a while. Choosing hope and kindness, courage in the face of tragedy and faith instead of fear. Thank you for this @Shehzad89. Long live Sabeen Mahmud, long live mothers like Mahenaz Mahmud.

Mahenaz Mahmud came on a podcast to discuss early childhood education, Sabeen Mahmud's legacy, T2F and how to raise children. Mahira Khan surely had a good time listening to this enlightening podcast.

Hareem Farooq

Keeping all our political opinions and differences aside we can never forget the sacrifices our jawans voluntarily make for their country and us, we can never undermine or disregard the courage they show, their families show, we’re grateful to our jawans.

ISPR on the day of Youm-e-Takreem, paid a tribute to the Martyrs of Pakistan and their brave families. The song's dedicated to the mothers, who've endured unimaginable loss. Hareem Farooq honours and wants us all to honour these courageous souls for their supreme sacrifice.

Sanam Saeed

Any person or institution in charge of the well-being of Pakistan is a rakhwala of this nation. You and I am too. Be it leaders, national heroes, government or police officials, or any other official. Shame on anyone who puts personal gains before the people’s fundamental rights.

Actor Sanam Saeed wants everyone to prioritise Pakistan rather than putting their personal benefits first. To all the stakeholders of this country, it is high time they should unite in the interest of the country keeping the devastating situation of the people in mind.