Sajal Ali

Congratulations @ShehzadRoy, this will definitely elevate the teaching standards and benefit our students. Great job done by the education and literacy department of the Government of Sindh. #teachinglicensing

Sindh Government approves the Teaching Licensing Policy 2023. Sajal Ali congratulated Shehzad Roy, who is an avid education activist, on this landmark achievement which will surely raise the education standards and will empower teachers in Pakistan.

Saba Qamar

My new YouTube episode titled ‘Jins’ meaning “gender” is a theatrical piece of Urdu poetry written by Bilal Awan on the premise of tragic emotional landscape between two opposing spectrums.

Saba Qamar among many other Pakistani actresses has also established a presence on YouTube with her own channel, where she puts up very relatable and eye-opening content. We just couldn’t wait for what’s coming up next on her channel. The title seems very interesting though.

Yumna Zaidi

I am overwhelmed by this amount of love that I have just witnessed, the day I started worked as an actress I was manifesting this love from each of you and here I got the results. I connect with each of you and I love it. Thank you.

Yumna Zaidi is all praises for her fans for showering so much love on her performances. The actress is at present riding high on success with her currently on-air drama Tere Bin.