Avatar: The Way of Water

Not a man to do things by halves, world-builder Cameron is back with the first of four sequels to his 2009 fantasy behemoth. Sam Worthington returns as the former human soldier Jake, now a Na’vi clan chief on the eco-friendly moon Pandora, alongside Neytiri (Zoe Saldana), with whom he has two children. However, Earth sends another military expedition, forcing the family to flee to a coastal tribe. The subsequent coming-of-age tale involving the kids is by the book, but it is in the oceanic scenes that Cameron’s bravura imagination and technical genius come to the fore. From the undersea wildlife to the deep-dive set-pieces, it is an impressively immersive experience.

Perry Mason
TV Series

It’s always magic hour in this good-looking LA noir, which bathes its characters’ shady dealings in an attractive golden glow. Downtrodden defence attorney Perry Mason (Matthew Rhys) could do with some assistance – magical or otherwise – as his case drags on. Maybe that’s what crooked cop Holcomb (Eric Lange) is offering? He is certainly an unlikely ally.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brilliant but immature Brooklyn detective Jake Peralta must learn to follow the rules and be a team player when his squad gets an exacting new captain.

Dispatches: Britain’s Forgotten Pensioners

Pensioners – especially the one in five living in poverty – are too often on the fringes in the cost-of-living discourse. Beyond financial limitations, their mental health can be hugely affected. This powerful Dispatches follows four people, including Harry, 82, who can no longer afford to do the one thing he enjoys – making pots – and Doreen, 68, who has had only two visitors in 38 years. And yet their strength of character and humour shines through.

The Great British Sewing Bee
Reality Show

It’s west Africa week in what is surely the only reality competition to wring drama from “complex pockets”. The hotshot needlers are watched by guest judge Banke Kuku as she sets sewing challenges that include a Ghanaian batakari, a man’s tunic, and working with traditional Yoruba àdìre fabric.

Bully, "Lucky For You"
Music Album

Nashville multi-instrumentalist Alicia Bognanno's fourth album is an open-hearted, anthemic career best. So why, on Lucky for You, Bully’s fourth studio album, does Bognanno cede so much control to Nashville producer JT Daly? Though Bognanno recorded some of her own guitars and vocals for this album, and was involved in its production and mixing, Daly is credited as the album’s sole producer and co-mixer.