The Maid

Toronto author Nita Prose notches her first Goodreads Choice Award with her debut novel, a classic locked-room mystery concerning wealthy dead people and hotel sanitation protocol. The Maid features whodunit writing with real heart, and an author with a perfect last name. Bonus trivia: Florence Pugh is in line for the title role in the upcoming film adaptation.

The Office BFFs: Tales of The Office from Two Best Friends Who Were There

The American version of the British TV series The Office evolved into a Hall of Fame comedy in its own right. This behind-the-scenes dual memoir from series regulars Jenna Fischer (Pam!) and Angela Kinsey (Angela!) won over a huge readership with its wit and warmth and subsequent word-of-mouth recommendations.

Lessons in Chemistry

Author Bonnie Garmus’ shrewd and funny debut follows the fate of brilliant Elizabeth Zott, who uses her success as a chemist – and later, an unlikely cooking show star – to change the status quo for women in repressive 1960s America. An adaptation of Lessons in Chemistry is slated for Apple TV+ next year, with Brie Larson in the lead role.