“Babylicious is a film that will help you escape from reality”: Syra Yousuf

  • 17 Jun - 23 Jun, 2023
  • Wajiha Jawaid
  • Interview

The promotion of Syra and Shahroz's much-awaited film, Babylicious, is going on in full swing and we are thrilled to see the ex-couple putting aside all the difference and actively taking part in all the marketing gigs. MAG also got a chance to meet the leading cast of the film. In an exclusive conversation, the cast talked about their characters, and the fun experiences they had while shooting and also gave us interesting reasons to watch Babylicious. Read on…..

What attracted you to Babylicious?

Shahroz: Back in days, we used to get a lot of offers as a couple but we turned down most of them as they didn’t excite us as artists. However, when Essa offered us Babylicous we found it interesting as our couple wasn’t inserted into the script. It was a story that revolved around two people who were quite like us so we opted for it.

Syra: I found the script quite filmy and I had a gut feeling that it would look nice on the big screen.

We have heard that Essa is a very well-prepared director. How was the experience working with him?

Syra: It was a wonderful experience. Essa is very passionate about his work. When someone does his work with extreme passion, then his team also get benefited from it.

Shahroz: When we started shooting, we were a little puzzled because it was his directorial debut and we had no idea about his process. Once we got to know him, things became a lot easier.

Over the years, do you see yourself evolving as an actor? If yes, what has helped you in becoming a better performer?

Syra: Of course, for a career growth it is vital to evolve with time. It has a lot to do with the range of emotions one experience in life and how they decide to put it down on the canvas. There is always a distinct quality in a performer to emote different actions and reactions on screen and with time and maturity we learn expertise to do it with perfection.

When it comes to career choices, we have noticed that Syra has done selective projects, whereas Shahroz you have been there in most of the dramas on television. Would you like to comment on it?

Syra: It is true that I have been very particular about what I have been signing. When I became a mother, then my daughter became my priority. I started managing my routine around her. I also let it go of many projects that I genuinely wanted to be part of because at that time I felt that I couldn’t take the pressure of being away from my daughter for too long. I think children of that age need their parents so you can’t stay away from them for months.

Would you like to mention names of projects that you now regret of not doing?

Actually, last year I got some great offers of movies and dramas but I couldn’t do it. However, I will not name them now because now they belong to someone else. I believe the cycle of life work like it – things/projects go to those whoever it belongs to.

One project that you did last year was Sinf-e-Aahan. How did you manage to take time for it?

Syra: Sinf-e-Aahan was one rare project that I couldn’t afford to lose. The character was close to my heart. I took Nooreh along with me for the shoot. She stayed with me for some time then she felt homesick and I had to send her back.

What are the plus and minus of being a part of showbiz family?

Shahroz: I believe there are more advantages than disadvantages. The biggest plus for me was that I got a chance to learn the ethics of the industry before taking it up as a profession. All my life I have seen my father and uncles, they have never thrown any tantrums on sets or misbehave with any team member. When I entered showbiz, I try to follow their footsteps. To be a part of showbiz is not an easy task – it mentally exhausts you. We have to be on the shoot for hours and when we come back home, the character stays with us. As far as minus is concerned, it doesn’t bother me because I am doing justice to my work.

Coming back to your movies, give us three reasons to watch Babylicious in theatre this Eid-ul Adha?

Syra: Everybody has worked really hard on it because if someone puts a lot of effort and passion into any projects – it reflects. This definitely a film we can own as Pakistani because it has a lot of relatable characters. It is a one of the few films that can help you escape from reality. So have fun on Eid and do watch our movie in theatres.

Shahroz: Syra has just said that we have put our heart and soul in making Babylicious an entertaining experience for viewers. The story is relatable that attracts a lot of youngsters with its fun and romantic storyline. It is a definitely a treat for movie goers who love watching ‘date movies’.


Aadi Adeal Amjad & Mohi Abro

The Rebellious Aadi

Aadi Adeal Amjad is well-known as a vivacious host and comedian, but he is also a seasoned thespian. He established himself in the theatre before making the transition to television. Aadi while talking about his association with Babylicious said that he was the first one to be taken on board for the film. He told MAG that the director Essa Khan had approached him about the part after admiring his work in the theatre. "When Essa called me for Babylicious, my initial thoughts were that someone was doing a prank with me but after meeting him I realized I got the biggest break of my life,” the actor told us. The actor praised the director and said that he is one of the few who knows his work and possess the ability to bring out the best in others. “I may have creative differences with the director, but I have found him to be quite professional, and his work shows his dedication. The actor continued, "When I first arrived on the sets, I was pleased with the preparation the director had done there; I knew right away that it would be a terrific experience. " Talking about the character in the movie Aadi said that his on-screen persona and real persona were pretty comparable. “It is a story of three college friends and among them, I am shown as an outspoken, rebellious, and adventurous one. You must see the film in a theatre to find out how their friendship holds together during the most trying time,” he said.

The Nerdy Mohi

The young and talented Mohi Abro was working as a producer at a radio station when he got a call for the movie. He had done a telefilm and the director Essa spotted him in it. For Mohi, working in Babylicious was a life-changing experience as he got a chance to play an interesting role at the start of his career. “During the initial days of shooting, I was very star-struck as I was surrounded by people who had already made their mark as actors and I was relatively new among them. At that time, Shahroz helped me a lot – he was very accommodating and his supportive behavior helped me come out of the shell,” he stated.

Talking about his character in the movie, “I play a nerdy college boy who has a girlfriend and he considered it as a blessing. The only goal of his life is to keep his girlfriend happy and for that, he religiously follows her orders.” To fit the part, the actor underwent a significant weight loss transformation. “When Essa called me for the audition, he told me to lose weight to fit into the character of a skinny college boy. I worked hard and lost several kilos in a desired period.”