4 Budget-Friendly Travel Destinations to Visit This Summer

There is a plus for those who want to travel this summer. There are numerous places in the globe that can be visited on a tight budget. Here are four locations that are affordable for individuals who want to go on a vacation.


Azerbaijan is bordered by a number of nations, including Russia, Georgia, Iran, Armenia, and the Caspian Sea to the east. The Caucasus mountains are located to its north. The nation is tucked between Europe and Asia. Azerbaijan is a land rich in culture and beautiful landscapes. There are a few cities in the nation that are especially cost-effective, despite the capital being more pricey than the other locations. After Baku, the capital, Ganja is the second-largest city in Azerbaijan. The city is the birthplace of one of the nation's most renowned poets from the 12th century, Nizami Ganjavi, and is situated on trade routes, specifically the old silk road, which was a labyrinth of channels connecting merchants and traders over enormous distances from east to west. Ganja has a long history, but in 2016 it was also chosen as the European Youth Capital. The city offers a thriving art scene for those who like to express themselves artistically as well as a wide variety of historical sites and landmarks. The Bottle House, a peculiar site to see, is claimed to have been constructed by a Ganja citizen in honour of his brother, who vanished during the Second World War. Thousands of colourful bottles in a rainbow of colours are used to embellish the two-story tower. The price for a meal in Azerbaijan starts at USD 5. For mid-range hotels, prices vary between USD 29 and USD 78 per night. Ticket prices to Baku start at USD 500 as of August, 2023.


Albania, which has sweeping stretches of hilly terrain and picturesque views fit for your Instagram feed, experienced a spike in popularity last year after it when it weave visa for many countries. Although the country is a popular travel destination, this practical rule is not the only factor in its popularity. Albania is a country in the Balkan region of Europe that has access to the Adriatic and Ionian seas. Its neighbours are Greece, Montenegro, Kosovo, and Macedonia. Albanian culture has been influenced by the Romans, Greeks, Turks, and Italians, however the Indo-Europeans known as the Illyrian tribes were the first people to live there. The nation's capital, Tirana, in the Balkans, has a thriving nightlife. The city offers a variety of activities that appeal to all tastes, from comfortable pubs to boisterous clubs, with a few bars and clubs open till late at night. Given the abundance of eateries, cafes, and retail establishments that line its streets, the Blloku is known as the party district. The history of the location is similarly fascinating because, during Albania's communist era, secret agents had closed off the neighbourhood. Only the elite and their families had access to the area's parties at the time. The capital is filled with landmarks and attractions. The Bunk'Art 1 is a space that was formerly one of the several bunkers that communist leader Enver Hoxha of Albania constructed. Hoxha constructed the enormous bunker-turned-museum as a haven for the "political elite" as his paranoia about nuclear war and foreign foes grew. This is not for the faint of heart, however. It has been described as an eerie experience. Prices of visits start at around USD 4.33. Restaurant prices range from USD 4 to USD 20, depending on whether travellers are looking for an upscale venue or a medium to lower range establishment. For mid-range hotels, prices start at USD 50 per night. Ticket prices for Tirana start at USD 330 as of August, 2023.


Thailand is renowned for the idyllic islands that line its coast and has long been praised as the place to go for festival-goers and beach lovers. With the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand, also known as the Gulf of Siam, on its coastlines, Thailand is located in the heart of Southeast Asia, bordering Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia, and Laos. Visitors are drawn to the idyllic islands, each of which has its own personality, even though the city of Bangkok is unquestionably worthwhile. Koh Phangan, a Thai island known for its full moon and half moon parties, offers visitors vistas of towering green mountains next to crystal-clear waters. The island's markets and bazaars are great places to shop for a variety of goods. To view sights, Numerous temples with elaborate designs and distinctive colour schemes that reflect the traditions they were built in may be seen on Koh Phangan. One of these is the hilltop location of the Chinese Temple Goddess of Mercy. It is one of the most well-known temples on the island and has a sweeping perspective that wonderfully captures Koh Phangan's spirit. Meals range in price from $3 to $6. The cost of hotels varies greatly by season. Typically, weather determines high and low seasons. The nation experiences a tropical environment with three distinct seasons: hot, wet, and dry. The busiest time of the year for the nation is from November to April, when the weather is in the dry season. For mid-range hotels, prices start at USD 20 per night but can easily go up to USD 100 depending on the traveller’s choice of accommodation. Ticket prices to Bangkok start at USD 415 as of August, 2023.


Uzbekistan, which borders Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Afghanistan, is well renowned for its magnificent minarets, which are towers typical of Islamic architecture and are typically built inside mosques. The Hazrati Imam Complex, located in the ancient town of the nation's capital Tashkent, is a collection of elaborate mosques, madrasas (Islamic institutions), and mausoleums. Recent renovations have also been made to the complex. Due to its location along the renowned Silk Road, Uzbek cuisine draws inspiration from a wide variety of other cuisines. As a result, both eastern and western elements may be found in its cuisine, including inspirations from Turkey, Iran, and Morocco. China, Nepal, and India, among other nations, have also had an impact on the nation's cuisine. The Uzbek samsas or somsas, which are comparable to Indian samosas, are a must-try delicacy and a mainstay of the cuisine. The South Asian meal is adapted for Uzbekistan using pumpkin squash and seasoned minced meat, and is typically consumed for breakfast. While the ticket prices for a flight from Cairo to Uzbekistan are relatively expensive, the sojourn itself is affordable. Dinner prices vary depending on whether the traveller chooses to eat at a local restaurant or at a touristic location. Generally, average prices start at USD 5. For mid-range hotels, prices start at USD 60 per night. Ticket prices to Tashkent start at USD 760 as of August, 2023.