The Lost King

The Philomena team of director Stephen Frears and actor-writer Steve Coogan work their magic on another true-life underdog tale. The hunt for the grave of Richard III is told through the eyes of Philippa Langley (Sally Hawkins), an Edinburgh office worker with a demure exterior but a determination bordering on obsession to locate the vilified monarch’s last resting place. A hallucination of Richard (Harry Lloyd) nudges her in the right direction – which turns out to be a car park in Leicester.

Queen of Oz

Catherine Tate’s new six-part comedy follows Princess Georgiana, a useless British royal who, after repeatedly embarrassing the monarchy, is sent to reign in Australia. Although it relies on celebrity cameos, vomit scenes and a “two lesbian koalas walk into a bar” joke, fans of the Bafta-nominated comedian’s brand of funny will have a nice time with it. The sitcom follows Princess Georgiana (Catherine Tate), the black sheep of a fictional British Royal Family who has spent her spoilt life partying and being plastered all over the tabloids.

They All Came Out to Montreux

A new three-part documentary mini-series that tells the story of the Montreux Jazz Festival, directed by British filmmaker Oliver Murray and executive produced by Quincy Jones aired on UK television. This documentary pays tribute to Claude Nobs, the Swiss visionary who was part of the team that launched the Montreux jazz festival in 1967. In later years, the hip hangout would attract everyone from Bowie to Lizzo, but the first episode features vintage Aretha Franklin, Led Zeppelin and Nobs himself jamming poolside with bluesman Champion Jack Dupree.

Five Star Kitchen: Britain’s Next Great Chef
Reality Show

Gold-glazed lobster tail and Kobe beef garnished with edible money are among the delicacies on the menu as Michel Roux Jr challenges the remaining chefs to dream up a seriously extravagant dish that will cause a stir on social media. Money is no object but Roux and his judges are a tough crowd.

Isle of Wight Festival 2023

Another music festival you can sensibly enjoy from the comfort of your living room – no seasick ferry, punctured tent or portable-toilet-from-hell necessary. Friday’s stellar lineup includes the mighty Pulp, plus kitchen-disco queen Sophie Ellis-Bextor, the OG Sugababes and Courteeners.