OnePlus Nord N30 5G is a midrange performance phone

The OnePlus Nord N30 5G is a good budget phone, even if it’s not quite the phone I wanted it to be. Battery life is excellent, and processing performance is well above average for its $299 price tag. There’s fast wired charging – because that’s OnePlus’ thing – and plenty of thoughtful touches you don’t always see in a budget phone, like stereo speakers, plenty of RAM, and NFC for contactless payments. These are all undeniably good things. But it’s not all positives. The N30’s screen is a big, high-refresh-rate 6.7-inch display. But it’s also an LCD, which is a departure from the 60Hz OLED on last year’s model. On a phone this cheap, you can have one or the other, and OnePlus picked refresh rate this time around. The camera system is another wild card and there’s some funkiness with its new 3x crop zoom feature, and you can do much better for not a lot more money. The N30 features the flat edges and screen that are in vogue now. The screen is a 6.72-inch LCD with 1080p resolution.