This year marks 20 years of my musical journey, so I’ve decided to share some precious moments from my professional and personal life into this new rendition of my song Chal Dil Mere that released in 2003 on my first album Huqa Pani. Remember, life passes by quickly. Don’t waste it in fear and doubt or care much about what others say about you. Choose love and follow your own heart and dreams. Believe in yourself!

Ali Zafar will be completing 20 years in the music industry this year. We couldn’t be more proud as Pakistanis to have such a versatile artist. Best of luck to our favourite singer for his future endeavours.

It gives me immense pride to announce that Team Pakistan is heading to Berlin for the Special Olympics World Games 2023 taking place this June. We need your support, love and prayers for our heroes. Please like and share and be part of this National pride and cheer them on.

Sarwat Gilani made a special announcement of Team Pakistan all set to head for Berlin for the Special Olympics World Games 2023, slated to take place in June. We wish our team all the best for the games.

My heart bleeds for my country today, may the Almighty have mercy on us and guide us to the path of the righteous, may we be able to care for our country beyond our egos and rivalries, may we come out of these uncertain times stronger than before. We are a strong resilient nation, may we unite with discipline and build stronger faith in our country and the Almighty’s mercy! Ameen. God willing we’ll come out of it stronger and better than before. We always have and always will. PAKISTAN ZINDABAD!

Hareem Farooq, as any of us Pakistanis, is heartbroken on the uncertain and disturbing situation of our beloved country. People have now started to lose all hope as times are getting extremely difficult for a common man. We pray and hope for a prosperous Pakistan.