Western Tales

  • 24 Jun - 30 Jun, 2023
  • Salaar Laghari
  • Fiction

‘I have to destroy them or else the investigators might contact her relatives or friends. If they inquire James about his unfaithful relationship with her, then they would definitely figure this out that I was also in relationship. And this might make a perfect motive for them to have me as Margaret’s killer.’

Margaret escapes putting on gloves in order to hide any possible foot prints.

The Second Murder

Several days later, on 3rd March, Sophie had just given Detective Kujan and Detective Jennifer a false statement about James as a suspect for Margaret’s murder. She knew he wasn’t at his home and he was not answering his calls, which was why he couldn’t be inquired. Therefore, she decided to kill him later at night as he would return back.

That night after three o’clock, Sophie was hiding behind his house with a knife in her purse. She whispers to herself:

‘In both of the murders, I have had one perfect advantage. My victims had no neighbours. Which is why, there can be no witnesses to testify against me. But I can still fool others as that book taught me about body language.’

Her thoughts get disturbed, as she hears his car approaching. James parks his car outside. He leaves his car unlocked and goes inside his house. Sophie follows him quickly and knocks the gate. As he turns back and answers without giving a thought of who might be so late, he gets the door pushed and hit on his head as Sophie had kicked it open. James gets alert and tries to defend himself, but sees that it was Sophie, so he relaxes and stands up calmly:

‘Oh, it’s you! I know why you are angry that I’m not answering your calls.’

‘I’ve been seeing you at this hour every night…’

‘Oh,’ he chuckles, ‘so you’re stalking me…?’

‘You won’t be laughing after hearing this,’ she says taking out her the knife, ‘I shot your girlfriend Margaret.’

James gets shocked but supposes it to be a joke. Then all of sudden, Sophie wildly attacks him by stabbing him twice on chest and twice around his throat.

‘You selfish faithless dog!’ she speaks every word on every stab.

James gets badly wounded and blood was all over him. He tries to walk backwards and fells down.

‘I had figured out everything,’ she roars, ‘you were planning to engage Margaret keeping me aside. But you don’t know me. I’m a smart woman who can’t be used or misused…’

Helpless James tries to get up, but was unable and slowly stops breathing. Sophie keeps on staring at him and after getting a little distracted by the blood on her hands, she works up to erase the evidences such as her hand prints.

The Last Murder

The other day, Sophie was at her home. She was sitting on her couch and thinking about leaving San Francisco for a month in order to save herself from the investigators. She hears her doorbell. She expects those Detectives. Therefore, she picks up a glass of water and rubs her eyes with some water to make her look like a weeping girl. As she opens her gate, it was Sean the assailant,

‘You weren’t expecting me?’ he smiles.

‘Oh, God!!’ she whispers as in regret. ‘What do you want?’

‘You know it, my twenty–five percent share…’

She leaves the door open and goes back to her room avoiding him. He follows her taking out his pistol. As they were in another room, he shows her the pistol and says:

‘Look, my offer is always simple and clear. If you won’t give me my advance, then I would definitely have you killed…’

‘What for!’ she yells. ‘Why should I give you the advance, when I committed the murder myself?’

‘We had a deal, now if you changed the plan then it has nothing to do with me.’

‘Alright then go ahead, and shoot me. If you wish…’

He angrily approaches towards her and aims the pistol close to her mouth.

‘You have a big mouth and a larger speech,’ he says loading the pistol.

She was frightened and was thinking of kicking him somehow. But he shoots her and the bullet pierce opens her head too, and the wall behind gets a splash of blood.

After a moment, the criminal holds the weapon with a tissue and places it in dead body’s hand facing it towards her mouth to make it look like a suicide. He looks at the body and says:

‘The perfect murder should look like a suicide…!’


“Sometimes intelligence, ability, and dedication are not enough. You need a little more than that to achieve something. A search of truth to achieve some answers is not as simple as it seems. Obsession just makes it complicated, and later the questions remain unanswered, the mystery remains unsolved…”

‘Well, a surgeon’s day is usually not interesting rather than filthy…’

‘Filthy?’ she asked not liking his words. ‘How come?’

‘Well, I see blood every day, I’m sure you’re not interested in that…’

‘Yeah… but aren’t you used to it by now.’

James’ cell phone begins to ring. He picks it from the dining table and sees that it was Margaret calling. He takes a glance towards Sophie and smiles,

‘It’s from my office, give me a moment please…’

He answers the call and walks towards another room where Sophie couldn’t hear him.

‘This is not satisfying me,’ she replies angrily.

‘Margaret don’t enrage me… don’t enrage me to kill you.’

‘You always say that….’

He finally disconnects his call and gives a sigh of relief and anger.

Sophie continues with her dinner and knew that James was hiding something from her; so as he comes back towards the dining table, she asks him directly:

‘Do you really mean it when you say there’s no one in your life besides me?’

‘Excuse me?’ he gets confused.

‘Are you planning to marry me?’

‘Well… of course, I will get married to you,’ he says and then regrets.

She smiles yet knew he was lying and hiding something from her.

February 26, an assailant with a tattoo on his forehead was walking towards someone’s house. He was looking around continuously making sure no one was watching him. He takes out his revolver, and stares at it for a moment,

‘I really enjoy working with you…’

Margaret Murder Mystery

Next day, Edward Kujan a homicide detective was walking towards his office with a cup of coffee. On his way, he is stopped by a cop,

‘Good morning, sir!’

‘Morning, any new reports?’

‘Yes sir, we have a case of murder…’

‘Oh… what’s the progress uptill now?’

‘Our team is still out there, the investigation has not yet begun. We need you to come with us.’

‘Alright,’ he says getting alert, ‘get your car, I’ll be there in a minute.’

‘Well, my boyfriend James had a break up with her recently.’

‘So, you think that he is a suspect?’ Kujan questions.

‘Well, he was quite furious and said that he might kill Margaret in rage.’

‘Did he actually say that?’ he asks getting surprised.

‘Well, it didn’t seem that he really meant it but I thought you better enquire him.’

‘Oh… so where can we find him?’

‘Well, he is not answering his calls and last time he wasn’t at his home either.’

Kujan and Jennifer look at each other as if they had a clue to solve this case further.

‘Well, just out of curiosity,’ Jennifer continues hesitantly, ‘I happen to ask… why are you giving your boyfriend to us, do you know this might bring a severe turn in your relationship with him.’

‘No, I’m not afraid of that. I don’t care about him as he seems to be an unfaithful person who might turn against me some day.’

‘Well, thanks anyway,’ Kujan says standing up, ‘you’ve been really helpful with everything.’

He walks away from the table leaving them alone. As Jennifer follows him, he asks:

‘Did she give his address?’

‘Yes and I took hers too…’

‘Good, we’ll go for him tomorrow…’

‘Tomorrow?’ she asks not liking his suggestion. ‘Why not today? Right now…’

‘We’ll do this first task tomorrow, I’m very tired right now.’

‘But the suspect shouldn’t escape us and with this…’

‘He won’t, trust me!’

They both leave the place.

‘We can’t enquire her about Margaret and James’ love story, forget her we’ll find other people.’

‘You know something Kujan. I am also not concerned with her loss. But if only you had agreed to come along at James’ yesterday, then we might have had something to proceed.’

‘I don’t agree with that, he probably would have been found murdered.’

‘No Kujan,’ she replies standing up, ‘the doctors said that the wounds on James’ body were inflicted just a couple of hours earlier than we found him.’

‘Okay fine, I let go a suspect and he’s murdered now. Now we have two criminals to catch…’

‘This case has nothing… no evidence, no suspects left, a weak motive and no witnesses.’

Kujan leaves as he didn’t want to argue. Jennifer turns to Sophie and asks:

‘You said you didn’t trust your unfaithful boyfriend, so what’s making you cry so much.’

‘I still loved him,’ she cries.

Jennifer pours water in a glass for her and walks outside the room towards the exit.

‘Yeah and I think that my boss James must not have been murdered, his death must be a suicide.’

‘Possible,’ Jennifer says getting her idea.

‘How come possible?’ Kujan asks getting confused. ‘There was no murder weapon…’

‘Well officers,’ the maid says, ‘I think you should contact Sophie, she was the one person really close to him.’

‘Okay, you may leave now,’ Kujan replies getting a little irritated.

The maid stands up and a cop escorts her outside the interrogation room.

Jennifer walks towards Kujan,

‘What is making you so confused?’ she asks. ‘I think she’s right about his suicide…’

‘That’s not possible, who hid the knife then?’

‘We have two possibilities, Margaret murdered by someone unknown and then her death caused James to commit a suicide… Secondly, according to Sophie’s statements, Margaret must have been murdered by James and someone avenged her death by killing James.’

‘Maybe… but I think Sophie’s hiding something’ he says hastily, ‘we need to interrogate her. She must have overcome James death. She’ll talk now, because she has to…’

‘So we’re going to her?’

‘No I’m bringing her here….’

‘What makes you think I will be engaged to Margaret?’ he chuckles.

‘You’re not?’

‘Come on… you know I always lie to women…’

‘Oh… I get the idea,’ she replies feeling embarrassed.

He walks outside shutting the door.

February 24, at Sophie Croft’s home, while she was having the dinner and James was standing in front of her, she asks him:

‘Do you really mean it when you say there’s no one in your life besides me?’

‘Excuse me?’ he asks getting confused.

‘Are you planning to marry me?’

‘Well… of course,’ he says and then regrets.

She smiles yet she knew he was lying and hiding something from her.

James keeps his cell phone on the dining table and unfortunately forgets to lock its key pad. Sophie sees a perfect chance and asks him:

‘James could you please… well, could you please keep my garbage can outside the house.’

‘Sure why not,’ he agrees and stands up to get the garbage can.

As James had left for kitchen, she grabs his cell phone immediately and notes down the last received call’s number in her own cell phone. Then she keeps it back in a position as it was kept before. James returns back to her the very moment not knowing what had happened.

February 25, Sophie was walking around in her house alone. She had figured out that James had promised Margaret about getting engaged, but she also knew that he was lying as she had heard him say that he would kill her, in rage.

She was angry and was planning to kill him.

That evening, she goes to

Sean Wick’s hideout.

She gives him James’ photograph and says:

‘I want you to kill him by tomorrow…’

‘Okay but I take twenty–five percent in advance…’