Elegant Ensembles

Wearing embroidered dresses is the new summer trend in the country. We are witnessing it everywhere. While in the past, it was only limited to weddings, Eid occasions, and other general festive occasions, it is now becoming an everyday dress for many women.

It seems like everyone has gotten crazy about wearing an embroidered dress in the know-how of desi clothing trends.

Embroidery is the classical art of decorating fabrics and every region of the country has its own unique style and variation. Embroidered dresses are so fun and festive at the same time. They are beyond perfect for any tropical event. They are boho and formal enough to be worn at any event.

So, if you are not really a pattern person and like something simple yet solid and natural, adopt this trend. Furthermore, if you aren’t ready to embrace the trend all the way, then you can balance it out with a sleek yet solid extra. In particular, you can opt for various embroidery clothing that comes in a fairly natural and tame colour palette. But as its Eid season, bold colours and heavy embellishments are also appropriate.

On the contrary, if you want to up your game and add some oomph to your embroidered dresses, consider pairing it with other prints and extras. For instance, you can pile it on with some matching jewellery, add some stylish bag, and elegant heels to complete the look.

As for men, shalwar kameez are the perfect traditional attire which are worn by people on daily basis and on special occasions also.

But today, it's becoming a style indicator for all occasions. Men nowadays are also opting for bold coloured outfits which have embroideries and patterns when it comes to Eid.

• Coordination: Umer Mushtaq
• Hair, Makeup & Grooming: Nighat Misbah@ Depilex
• Women’s Designer: Kulijume By Huma Yahya
• Men’s Designer: Arham Ishtiaq
• Jewellery: Esfir
• Photography: Hussain Piart
• Featuring: Zeenia Ajwar, Sania Jafri, Amaaz Butt & Hassan Abbas