Good save by #HEC to withdraw their order promoting bigotry, intolerance, discrimination, injustice and stupidity – all things other than pondering upon their core reason of existence that is to make the education system better which has become inaccessible to masses and has turned into a business, making identical numb robots rather than making better intellectuals, philosophers and most importantly better human beings.

While the Higher Education Commission (HEC) has clarified its stance on the prior given notice of banning all the celebrations of the festivities of minorities. Actress Urwa Hocane has a lot to say on the said matter.


Heartbroken over the loss of lives in the Greek shipwreck disaster, praying for their souls of the departed and. Also praying for the safe return of the titanic #Submersible, can’t imagine how terrifying it must be for the souls inside. What a nightmare.

Ushna Shah is devastated to know about both the catastrophic disasters that have taken the nation by storm and has caused great grief to us as a nation. The loss of hundreds of valuable lives is beyond repair. We pray for the departed souls and their grieving families.


Four years ago, it was a dream. Today, I sit with future world class teachers graduating from @durbeenPK BED program. They will teach at @ZindagiTrust adopted government schools, becoming 16-grade officers after passing licensing exams. A full career path for girls clearing inter/A-levels.

Shehzad Roy couldn’t be more proud of the initiatives that Zindagi Trust is taking towards the betterment of the education sector as a whole and also providing great opportunities for students to excel in their studies and in their respective careers in future.