White House Plumbers
Mini Series

There are a couple of things we need to sort out, pronto! As this middling mini-series bows out, Justin Theroux’s G Gordon Liddy is desperate to worm his way out of Watergate, while newly bereaved E Howard Hunt (Woody Harrelson, whose jaw seems to be doing most of the acting) is close to breaking point.

A Black Lady Sketch Show

This comedy bounces through its usual diverse selection of skits. From a Bridgerton-esque spoof that devolves into an odd fashion show to horror sketch seemingly there to include as many onanistic puns as possible. “Wank-anda forever!”

Dispatches: Boris, the Lord & the Russian Spy
Current Affairs

The full story of Boris Johnson's friendship with press baron Evgeny Lebedev and his former KGB spy father, Alexander Lebedev. Including exclusive interviews with intelligence officials and senior political figures who warned the former Prime Minister against the friendship, knowing it would put him 'in a direct line of being able to be influenced and compromised'. Despite being told by both Britain's security services and the House of Lords Appointments Commission that the friendship was dangerous, Johnson ignored this advice and became the first Prime Minister to over-rule intelligence advice related to national security for a parliamentary nomination

Rose Ayling-Ellis: Signs for Change

In 2021, the Strictly Come Dancing studio fell silent while its first deaf contestant, Rose Ayling-Ellis, danced with Giovanni Pernice – and a champion was born, in more ways than one. “Suddenly, the focus was on what I could do, not what I couldn’t do,” she says in this enlightening documentary that challenges perceptions of deafness. We see Ayling-Ellis’s journey to her first West End role in As You Like It and witness her speaking to, among others, Rosie Cooper MP, who led the campaign to get British Sign Language officially recognised in law, and her own mother, who still questions decisions she made in bringing up a deaf child.

Ahmed Ben Ali: Subhana

From Maha’s 80s Egyptian orchestral pop to Fadoul’s 70s Moroccan psych-funk, independent label Habibi Funk has spent the best part of the last decade platforming fascinating, cross-cultural music from the Arab world. Their latest niche is Libyan reggae, a popular genre in the country since Bob Marley’s music arrived in the 70s and local acts honed their own takes on the sound. The label previously released 2021’s dub-laden single Tendme by Tripoli-born Ibrahim Hesnawi; their latest record, singer Ahmed Ben Ali’s Subhana, showcases the full breadth of the music’s ingenuity.