Many sweetened beverages contain a lot of calories and sugar, which can cause a variety of health issues. Many people prefer diet drinks because it is advertised as a beverage with no sugar or calories. Is diet soda really a superior option? No, in actuality, these diet drink don't include sugar, but they do contain other harmful components. Here are a few reasons to stop drinking diet soda right away.

Weight Gain: Despite what you may believe, diet soda still contains calories and will not aid in weight loss. A University of Texas study found that during a ten-year period, people who frequently drank diet soda had waist circumferences that were 70% larger than those who did not.

Heart Attack: Studies have revealed that routinely consuming diet soda can up your chances of having a heart attack and having a stroke. 2000 people were a part of the study for more than ten years.

Artificial Sweeteners: Because Diet drinks are sugar-free, artificial sweeteners are employed to make it sweet. Aspartame, one of the artificial sweeteners, has been associated to more than 90 side effects including chronic fatigue, headache and depression.

Dangerous Chemicals: Diet sodas include caramel colouring in place of caramel. Sulfites and ammonia are heated together to create caramel colouring. When heated, these two chemicals release well-known carcinogens as byproducts. Studies on mice and rats showed that the chemicals, when consumed in high doses, can cause thyroid, lung, and liver cancers.

Brittle Bones: According to Tufts University research, drinking any soda makes osteoporosis worse. According to the study, women who drank alcohol had 4% lower bone mineral density than those who consumed more healthful beverages.