We have a list of activities to see and do in New York City for families travelling with children. Little ones can make travelling difficult because they become bored easily and want stimulation on a frequent basis. Little ones will find plenty to pique their attention and imagination in New York City. Here are safe and unforgettable ways to experience the Big Apple with the young ones.

Get to Know the Statue of Liberty

There are several methods for you and the kids to wave at the well-known landmark, even if you are unable to travel to Liberty Island. No child will ever forget climbing to the top of the statue's crown or even to its pedestal. Visit Valentino Pier in Red Hook, where there is also a wonderful wooden barge museum, or take a ride on one of the ferries that run around New York Harbour.

Take a spin on Jane's carousel

An antique carousel called Jane's Carousel is located at Brooklyn Bridge Park and is housed in a "jewel box." The bright and intricately carved horses will delight children, and you'll enjoy the views of the Lower Manhattan cityscape. The park offers a variety of other activities as well, including playgrounds, a roller-skating rink, picnic areas on grass, and a pop-up pool.

A Square-Wheeled Tricycle Ride With MoMath

if you find Math to be scary or nerdy, this will give you a new perspective. This is one of those underrated places that has a great variety of kids’stuff, waiting to be explored. It has a lot of exhibits demonstrating the value of math, science and technology in our everyday lives. There is also little wonders like square-wheeled tricycles and a range of quizzes and puzzles that will blow your mind. Children will enjoy spending hours solving puzzles on two floors of interactive exhibits in the Flatiron District's Museum of Mathematics, where they're sure to pick up a few arithmetic concepts.

Take In The View Of The World's Biggest Dinosaur Skeleton Together

The bones of a Titanosaurus, which are so large that they overflow its display, will thrill the kids even though the American Museum of Natural History is full of amazing dioramas and taxidermy.

Visit The New York Botanical Garden And Get Lost

Take on a maze at the Bronx's New York Botanical Garden. There is a particular area designed just for kids where they are encouraged to climb rocks, get dirty, and escape Beth's Maze.

Move Down Governors Island by Sliding

In the Hills is the longest slide in the city. Rent some bikes, travel by ferry to the island, and let the youngsters descend this 57-foot section of hill.

View Prospect Park's Stormy Playground

After some trees were destroyed by Superstorm Sandy in Prospect Park, the Zucker Natural Exploration Area was established. Allow the kids to explore the area and engage in imaginative play. The park's other attractions are as fun, including a zoo, a historic house, a skating rink, and delicious food.

Central Park Puppet Show: Enjoy It!

Scandinavian Cottage The 140-year-old log cabin-like building that houses Marionette Theatre is located in Central Park. Most days of the week, puppet performances and other family-friendly entertainment are presented at this historic cottage.

Discover Your Flavour at Corona's Lemon Ice King

You may discover a taste that everyone in the family like at Lemon Ice King, a long-standing Italian ice vendor in Flushing Meadows Corona Park, which offers 60 kinds.

On A Working Farm, Meet Animals Up Close

One of the few active farms in NYC is the Queens County Farm Museum. The family will appreciate the opportunity to interact closely with sheep, goats, and other livestock animals in the petting zoo, purchase vegetables at the farm stand, and take a hayride at this historic location that dates back more than 300 years.

Official NYC Horse Carriage Rides in Central Park

Your trip to New York could benefit from an extra dosage of awe provided by a carriage ride around Central Park. You receive courteous, sincere, and professional treatment from this family-run business, which leaves you with wonderful recollections. Prepare to pose at Strawberry Fields and Cherry Hill, as well as at the Wollman Rink, Carousel, and Pond in Central Park. You can learn a little about its lengthy history from their riders. In the winter, you can also feed the horse and use the provided blankets to keep warm.

Children’s Museum of the Arts

This is great fun for kids because it is designed to please them. It is spread over 10,000 square feet and has a ton of activities like art workshops to keep them engaged. They can also check out the thousands of paintings and drawings created by other kids and maybe even get inspired.

Chelsea Piers Sports and Entertainment Complex

This is a terrific option for a day filled with family entertainment. On three Hudson river piers, this 28-acre sports complex is located. It contains a driving range, a bowling lane, and an 80,000 square foot field house among other things. A pool is also available for those who want to relax. There is an ice skating rink if you want to skate around. And it's accessible every day of the year.

New York City Fire Museum

The fire museum is one of the entertaining attractions you must take children to if you're in New York. It takes place in an old Soho Beaux Arts structure from the 1900s. Due to the presence of historic fire apparatus, the experience can be divided into two parts: a tour of the art installation, and a fire safety training exercise. Additionally, you get to discover the background of the New York City firefighters.