5 Ways to Make Your Laundry Smell Better

Get that fresh linen scent every time.

Add Essential Oils

Using essential oils is another easy way to boost the smell of your laundry – but be sure they are water-based soluble.

Wash Smaller Loads

it’s important not to overstuff your machine, as doing so can decrease the effectiveness of the wash, leaving behind lingering odors.

Clean and Deodorize Your Washing Machine

Your clothes aren't the only things that need cleaned. Your washing machine needs routine maintenance and cleaning, too.

Use Baking Soda to Absorb Odors

Another easy way to prevent foul odors from seeping into your laundry is to use baking soda. It neutralizes odors versus masking them.

Use Organic Wool Dryer Balls or Homemade Dryer Sheets

Some great, natural alternatives to dryer sheets are organic wool dryer balls, which actually absorb moisture and odor in the dryer and are more eco-friendly.