Hold up all you Pakistan cricket team fans for ‘Cornered Tigers: The 1992 Story’

History made

Pakistan cricket team’s 1992 victory is a moment in history that will always be remembered as an emotional journey in true Pakistani ‘unpredictable’ fashion. The team rose from rock bottom and overwhelmed the nation with an unexpected win. While a lot has been documented, there are stunning turnarounds and inspirational stories behind the victory that have not yet made it to the screen but the wait is now over. Cornered Tigers: The 1992 Story is a captivating documentary that will delve into the iconic journey of the Pakistan cricket team during the 1992 Cricket World Cup. Through exclusive interviews with the stars, this docu-series offers a rare and insightful glimpse into the historic triumph that forever changed the landscape of Pakistani cricket. The documentary begins by setting the stage for Pakistan’s participation in the 1992 World Cup, highlighting the team’s early struggles and setbacks. As the tournament progresses, viewers witness the team’s determination, resilience, and extraordinary camaraderie, which became the cornerstone of their success. The four episode docu-series is directed by Adnan Sarwar and produced by Nina Kashif.